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Lysandre Strikes in Pokemon Evolutions!

Episode 3 Pokemon evolutions
Prepare for the visionary!

The third episode of Pokemon Evolutions has been released. This episode takes us to the Kalos region where we witness the story of Pokemon X & Y.

“The Visionary” shows us Lysandre’s plans to preserve the beauty of the Kalos region. Though, he is foiled as the last minute by Calem, Serena and Shauna. We get to look into Lysandre’s past as he takes one last moment to reflect on what has led him to this very moment.

You can watch “The Visionary” on YouTube right now or below.

The next episode of Pokemon Evolutions will take us to the Unova Region. This episode will focus on Ghetsis. You can watch this episode on October 21st.

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