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Masuda on Pokemon’s Staying Power

Courtesy of GoNintendo, we have an interview from EDGE with Junichi Masuda on Pokémon’s staying power, success, and more.Ahead of the release of the 7th Generation of main series games, Masuda was asked about what has kept Pokémon at the forefront of Gaming success:

There are so many variables in the games market that it’s not easy to define why Pokemon has had sustained success. There’s no doubt that the core elements of collecting, battling and trading have a lasting appeal when it comes to kids. But the thing that all our games really have in common is that we start by designing them with the younger audience in mind, and then add elements for our other core players. This means that even people who have never played the game before can easily buy it and get stuck in.”

When asked about the game’s success with all ages:

“There are lots of activities that can be enjoyed by adults alongside kids. Think about football, for example. Younger kids may not understand the more complex rules of the game, but both they and adults alike can enjoy playing and seeing the incredible skills of real players. We’re always researching these kinds of elements that can be appreciated and enjoyed regardless of age, and looking to add them to our games.”

He was also asked about how the Pokémon formula resonates so well with fans, and how his personal goal is to see players making memories and communicating through the game of Pokémon.

You can read the full interview here. And be sure to pick up Pokémon Sun and Moon next month.

Source: GoNintendo/EDGE

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