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N-Zone Interview w/Shigeru Ohmori & Junichi Masuda

N Zone Interview
An interview with Germany’s N-Zone revealed a lot of information concerning Pokemon Sun and Moon. Read below to get some insight about the upcoming games!

An interview with Shigeru Ohmori and Junichi Masuda was recently featured in N-Zone magazine. Shigeru Ohmori is the director for Pokemon Sun and Moon while Junichi Masuda took the role as producer for the games.

N-Zone asked the pair several questions involving the games. Though below is one question that involves all the changes that are being implimented in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Mr. Ohmori, why did you change so much in Generation 7 compared to Generation 6? Is there a specific reason for that?

Ohmori: Pokemon Sun and Moon was the first time I’ve taken on the role of director. For previous games, this used to be Mr. Masuda’s responsibility. It now fell to me to judge what I wanted to change and what I wanted to keep the way it is, since we both agreed that previous games had several aspects worth keeping. (Masuda nods in agreement)

Ohmori/Masuda: For the series’ 20th anniversary, there’s one thing I wanted above everything else: to deliver a fresh new gameplay experience to all players – to those who’ve been playing for 20 years and to those who will be playing a Pokemon game for the first time. One of the many ways we’re using to accomplish this is replacing gyms with trials, which is something completely new in Pokemon games.

This question confirms that gyms have been replaced with trials. It is an interesting response concerning that this is the franchise’s 20th anniversary.

You can read more of this interview at Pokemon Global News.

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