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Mega Evolution Special III to Air on Cartoon Network! More are Coming!

Mega Evolution 3
We have some big news for fans of the Mega Evolution Special mini-series.

According to TV Guide, the third Mega Evolution Special is going to air on Cartoon Network. Mega Evolution Special III will be shown this Saturday, August 13th at 8:00am EST/7:00am CST. This special will feature Alain and Mairin joining up with Steven Stone to face off against Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon to prevent the destruction of the Hoenn region. The special will also feature Mega Rayquaza.

The Japanese Pokemon YouTube channel has also reveal details for the next Mega Evolution Special. Mega Evolution Special IV will feature Alain and his Mega Charizard facing off against ten Mega Pokemon with their Mega Ring and Stone on the line! Malva of the Kalos Elite Four will be making appearance. The mysterious green creature that was revealed at the end of the recent Pokemon movie, Hoopa and the Clash of Ages, will also be shown in the special. Mega Evolution Special IV will be the final part and is set to air late 2015.

You can watch the trailer below for Mega Evolution Special IV.

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