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Member Of The Year! 2014


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A time of favoritism, shameless advertising, and getting free stuff! That’s right it’s time for Member of the Year 2014! Hosted by XaiakuX and Saraibre Ryu, Member of the Year is a voting contest where the winners who win in a certain category get votes to win bragging rights as well as some cool prizes. So get on over to the Other Chat section of the Forum and get your vote on!

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You’re probably wondering what Member of the Year is, right? Well it’s basically a competition where YOU vote for someone else to win!

“But I want to win stuff! D:” Well, Timmy, you’d better prove yourself to your peers. Because it’s they who will end up voting for you.  Especially this year, where you can win ALL KINDS OF COOL STUFF!

That’s right! Anything from a certified spot in the Hall of Fame, to awesome badges, to MYSTERY PRIZES!  It’s a non-stop ride of AWESOME! All you need to do is WIN!

“Well, how do I win, Mr. X-Kun?” TIMMY! Wonderful question! (Even though I already answered it.) If you go onto the forums and join, or log-in, go into the discussion board and talk about what you’re good at, AND PROVE IT! After that, it should be smooth sailing. But this isn’t about you, Timmy. It’s about us, as a community, being recognized for our efforts and rewarded for our hard work.


Also! #MotY14 allows you to get on your favored Social Networks and tell your friends about it! That’s right, there’s another way to get votes! Make your friends do it while expanding our great PxR family! So get on Twitter, get on Instagram, get on Facebook, and get on Tumblr! Because we need you! We Love You!  Go forth my little Timmy!

One more thing! If you’re looking to get into the Hall of Fame, you’ll need to be a member of the forum, and send me what you think the most epic moment of PxR history was! There’s a form on the voting page.

Here! Have some links!

The Voting Thread
The Discussion Thread

You’d think there’d be more, but there isn’t. D:

#Moty14 #PxR #XaiakuX

If you use these tags, I will find you. 8D

Now go get people to join, vote, and participate today!

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