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Meme Spotlight: Pokémon Legends Hisuian Zorua

*gently pats Hisuian Zorua* This fox can hold so much meme potential.

When it comes to the reveals of new Pokémon and regional variants, it’s not uncommon for the Internet to be flooded with amazing artwork and new original characters based on the new designs. Passionate creators are always quick on the jump and it’s always really neat to see what everyone comes up with within the first few weeks after the new Pokémon debut. But rare is it that we see something like the case with Hisuian Zorua, where it was a flood of memes that welcomed the official debut of this new regional variant.

Following the reveal of Hisuian Zorua’s official artwork, the Internet was quick to jump on the meme potential of this ghostly fox, and we can’t blame them. The sheer fact that this regional variant essentially exists because of pure spite makes Hisuian Zorua ripe for prospective jokes and more. With all the amazing memes I’ve seen since the official reveal, it felt wrong not to highlight a few of my personal favorites, since the sheer creativity behind these jokes needs to be shared. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some Hisuian Zorua memes.

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