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VIDEO: Pokemon Black and White: It’s All in the Details

Pokemon Black and White Fall
Pokemon Black & White. The perfect representation of autumn.

Is that statement too bold to make? Well, I ask that you hear KayJulers out in his video.

Join us in watching a video by KayJulers as he goes over what makes Pokemon Black & White so…memorable. It is all in the details.

And trust me. KayJulers goes over all the details of Pokemon Black & White with some notes from their sequel games, Pokemon Black 2 & White 2. From the seasons to the music. Even the hidden tones that can be found in these games from the Unova region. KayJulers constructs something that is like a love letter to a pair of games found at the crossroads of traditional and modern Pokemon games. Truth and Ideals.

It is no secret that I love the Unova games. These games upped what we as fans knew about Pokemon games when it came to storytelling. It allow GameFreak to give one last hurrah to the final games that would be on the Nintendo DS system. Though, watching this video moved me to tears and gave me chills as KayJulers made and explains his points on how attached he was to Pokemon Black & White. It reminded me of all the small details that Pokemon Black & White had that made them such beautiful games. Truthful games with an idealistic vision.

And that is why I want to share this video you with. So please, watch this video from KayJulers on all the details in Pokemon Black & White.

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