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Molayne is Coming to Pokemon Masters!

Molayne is ready to dig his way into Pasio!

New story chapters are coming to Pokemon Masters! These new chapters will also include a new character and Sync Pair to Pokemon Masters. Get ready to face Molayne & Alolan Dugtrio.

About Molayne & Dugtrio

Molayne is the best friend to Professor Kukui. He is also the cousin to Sophocles and a former Trial Captain. Currently he runs the Hokulani Observatory and is an acting Elite Four member in Pokemon UltraSun & UltraMoon.

Molayne will be using his signature Pokemon in his battles in Pasio, Alolan Dugtrio. This Steel type Sync Pair will be using different Steel type attacks with some causing flinching.

The addition of Molayne & Dugtrio will also bring Chapter 26 and Interlude 6 to the story mode of Pokemon Masters.

These new additions to the game will come on October 7th at 11PM PDT.

Source: Pokemon Masters on Twitter

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