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Podcast Central: Purified and GO

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Time to GO out with pure fun!

Another podcast is being added to our Podcast Central column and it will take you on the GO! That is because we are adding the Purified Podcast to ensure that you ready to GO!

The Purified Podcast is hosted on the OtakuZone YouTube Channel while hosted by Luis and Chris. These two will get you ready to go out and tackle the world of Pokemon GO with the latest news and views! If you want a good source of news that is coming or currently here then these guys got you covered!

It is Spooky Month! Halloween is around the corner and it looks like this year it won’t be all fun and games. All I ask that you try to have as much fun as you can. Though make sure to be safe! Wear you mask and keep your distance.

There are things to be spooked about though we are Pokemon trainers. Take a moment to recover in the Pokemon Center then go back out there and battle!

Don’t touch that Totodile! It is Podcast listening time!

Podcast Spotlight

The Purified PodcastThe Purified Podcast: There is no place like HOME!– Luis and Chris are ready to go home! That is to Pokemon HOME! They talk about all the information you will need to bring your Pokemon to HOME.
Luke Loves PokemonLuke Loves Pokemon: Kubfu and Family– Luke really loves bears. If you need proof of this man’s love for bears then listen to this one! Especially this kung fun Kubfu!
EXP ShareEXP. Share: Rocket Hideout, Lavender Town, Pokémon Tower, Saffron City, Silph Co., & Marsh Badge[EXPLICIT]– Silph Co strikes back! Joshua and Tanner have spent so much time talking bad about Silph Co this season. Though, it looks as if the intense dungeon isn’t taking this lying down!

Talk Podcasts

PKMNCastIt’s Super Effective: Pokémon Players Cup II- Steve and the gang are giving you all the information you need to know about the Crown Tundra! From possible Pokemon to rental Pokemon!
PUCL POdcastP.U.C.L. Podcast: Curiosity Surounding The Crown Tundra– This episode was recorded prior to the Crown Tundra reveals. Though it is pretty great to listen to if you wanted to know what we knew prior! Some pretty on point thoughts!
After DarkrainAfter Darkrai: Thwackey Me Off [EXPLICIT]– Bert and Hannah are Thwackey off some jokes about this Monkey Pokemon! Plus some cold hearted challenges are at the end of this episode!
Wild PodcastA Wild Podcast has Appeared: Get Ready to Explore the Crown Tundra in October!- The Comicbook Crew got to record their podcast after big Pokemon news! They are really excited for the Crown Tundra.
Pay Day PodcastPay Day: Anirudh and Not a Scratch- Tom has Anirudh from Not a Scratch over! Together they talk about Anirudh love for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and his journey into Pokemon fandom!

Specialty Podcasts

Science of PokemonThe Science of Pokemon: Lucas Lectures: Worst.Plan.Ever.- Can we agree that villain teams have bad plans? Good because Lucas is going to tell you who had the worst plan of them all! Team Aqua or Team Magma!
I Chews YouI Chews You: Luvdisc- There isn’t a lot of love going around for Luvdisc. Though the ICY chefs are going to cook this fish up! With Love!
Bracket RacketBracket Racket: Flying Types Part 3 – Team Racket is at the end of their Flying Type Bracket! Who will win the bracket in this episode? What about overall? Listen to find out this legendary result!
Podcast MonstersPodcast Monsters: Doduo and Dodrio– This two headed bird found away to make Grace and Nathan talk about it twice. And not in a good way.

Anime Podcasts

Gotta Watchem AllGotta Watch’em All Podcast: Enter the Dragonite-Time for the final episode of the Orange League Championship battle Ken and Adam are in for a Champion Time as it will take everything Ash and his Pokemon has to take down this powerful Dragonite!
Victory RoadVictory Road: “4 Year Anniversary”– A new batch of Pokemon Journeys episodes. A new episode to talk about Pokemon Journeys for Doug and Kyle.

Battling Podcasts

Pokemon Champions PodcastPokemon Champions Podcast:The Crown Tundra News Update (VGC & TCG News)-– Dozer and Zac are talking a lot about the news and what could be coming to battle in the Crown Tundra!/td>
PokeSportsPokeSports: Group Teambuilding & The Players Cup 2– There is a goose among us! In certainly more then one way as Mike and Kevin tell you tales of their Players Cup 2 experience!
Hyper VoiceThe Hyper Voice: Bow Down to the Crown- Alex and Stephen are heading to the Crown Tundra! Though they are telling you want you will need to know about what will be found there for battling minds.

TCG Podcasts

Tag TeamTag Team: The Brothers Chu- The Tag Team is talking about their grind in the Players Cup 2! Also a card involving Pichu that you have never heard of before.
Special ConditionsSpecial Conditions: G-Max Pump– Adam and Josh are talking competitive! Especially as Adam speaks about his woes going against Melmetal & Lucario GX!
PokeDadsPokeDads: Do You Have Anymore Of Those Champions Path ETB’s? (Level Of Pokémon’s Current Popularity) –The PokeDads are on the hunt for Champion Paths ETBs. Why are they so popular?
Meta PodMeta Pod: Players Cup DOS Points Analysis & Charizard Fatigue?- Jake and Sean are talking about all the Charizard and how a simple Pokemon can make a set go from zero to none in a matter of days.

Pokemon GO Podcasts

Pokemon GO RadioPokemon GO Radio: Stay at Home Bonuses End & Autumn Event Comes- Nar and SALT talking about some fun times involving anniversaries, Fashion Week and things to come! All going to be berry fun! Lots of Krick-Not!
GoCastGoCast: Almost Time to GO HOME- Chris and Kyle are excited for Pokemon to go HOME. Especially if a Shiny Meltan is waiting for you!
Pokemon GO POdcastPokemon GO Podcast: “I Have Covid Pikachu”- Joe is back and Charles is glad. Especially as they talk about how many events are happening in October!
Lured UP Lured Up Podcast: Twitter Beef- Ken poked the bear and it poked back harder. Especially with a simple question spawning from Niantic ending some Stay at Home play bonuses.

Tabletop Podcasts

Not a ScratchNot a Scratch: Throw him in the brig!- Ralph’s good name is on the line! And it is up to Kyle to become a lawyer and investigator. Good luck.
Pokemon RolloutPokemon Rollout!: Bad Luck 3: Reckoning! (or, You Know What You Did, Rotom)- Looks like another episode is lost to Rotom. Though, these Rollouts Roleplayers make due! With an integration style episode! So what really happen?
Critical DittoCritical Ditto: Sky Attack #1- It is an attack from the sky! So maybe it is a good thing that Brandi decided to start a revolution.
Reckless RollersReckless Rollers: This Is The Life-– What does the phrase “This is the life” mean? Well, These Reckless Rollers will learn it means many different things by the end of this episode.
Critical HitmonleeCritical Hit-Monlee: Melody’s Close Call-– Clayton, Lucas, Eric and Theodore find themselves in the middle of a brawl! Will these young trainers be able to handle this wild battle?
Postcards from PearlPostcards from Pearl: Wishful Thinking- Pearl and Luka fly right into the mysteriousus Fog Island! Though, will they have their wish granted and meet a new friend or have their memories fly away?
Pokemon World TourPokemon World Tour United: The Mystery Of The 12 Tapes: Kanto’s Secret History revealed!- Pull out the popcorn! The gang is having a movie night featuring Rockets and their weird experiments!

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