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More Information About Worlds 2015

Worlds 2015
Pokemon has officially release information concerning World Championships for 2015. This information confirms everything concerning location, required Championship Points, date and the lack of Last Chance Qualifier that was mention in a previous article. This official announcement also reveal more details concerning Worlds 2015.

The first bit of information revealed was the tournament structure. The Championships will be divided into two tournaments. The first tournament will take part on Friday for both Trading Card Game and Video Game. This is most likely why there will not be a Last Chance Qualifier as time will be needed for these tournaments.

In order to advance to the second tournament on Day Two on Saturday for the TCG, a certain amount of Match Points based on the number of rounds must be earned from the first tournament on Day One. As for Video Game competitors, players with two of few losses will advance to Day Two.

The Day Two tournament for TCG and Video Game will be comprised of people advancing from the Day One tournament and those who have acquired Day Two invitations. The results from Day One will not carry over into this tournament. Lastly, players are not required to use the same deck or team from the previous day.

Both tournaments on Day One and Day Two will be Swiss style, best-out-of-three matches. Similar to how Regional tournaments are handled.

Later in the day on Saturday, after the Day Two Tournament is completed, the top cut of eight players will compete in single elimination battles. The outcome of these battles will result in who will compete in the finals on Sunday.

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