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Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief Ep21 02OCT2017 – 08OCT2017


Mixing art and crazy because that’s what I do!

It’s October, but while you’re getting spooky I’m still getting silly. Some truly naive and unsuspecting Pokémon artists once again made the mistake of submitting their stuff to DeviantArt, because I prowl just waiting for that to happen. And here’s what I’ve done!

Planet of the Pokemon by astoralexander

30th Century Fox presents Planet of the Pokemon, rated W for weird and probably going into the horror section. And that “Pikachu” is actually pretty creepy-looking. Okay, I can honestly say the artwork is pretty amazingly detailed, but yeah, I would totally not watch this movie. Not watch as in I think I’d rather force habaneros up my nose and sit on a pile of scorpions. Definitely the kind of flick Rotten Tomatoes would have a field day with.

Pokemon Playhouse by Altalamatox

By golly, EVERYTHING looks cute in this one. Heck, even Mewtwo looks adorable and Ho-oh, who usually looks like a cranky old bastard vulture looks totally cheerful and ecstatic in this! So apparently the story behind Pokémon Playhouse is they’re actually making games for preschoolers and this lovable character artwork is what they’re using to lure in those unsuspecting children. Because hey, the sooner you get those kids addicted to Pokémon, the more they’ll be sucked into buying these games forevermore when they get older and have money the same way this 35 YEAR OLD DID WHEN HE WAS ONLY 17!

I love that it features Emolga on the far left by the way. You bet your buttocks I sure noticed that!

Ultra SUN and Ultra MOON by kawacy

This one actually looks more like an anime Renaissance painting. The colors aren’t AS bright, but the detail is there. The dude looks nervous, though. Or he’s wondering why he brought a jacket to a tropical island where he’s probably already sweating up a storm and the humidity is migraine-inducing. At least the hat somewhat hides the bed-head though.

That Litten is hilarious. Looking right at that kid like he’s telling him “destroy them, destroy them all” and he’s contemplating his life choices and thinking maybe he should have gone with Rowlet instead.

Pokemon Plus and Minus Heroine Avila by NachtBeirmann

I guess the fastest way to determine whatever a Pokémon fan is an optimist or a pessimist is what version they’d get from this Plus or Minus fan series. I can see the fun in making up your own names for Pokémon versions. Pokémon Madness and Pokémon Anarchy versions! Pokémon Black Hole and Pokémon Supernova versions! Or maybe the Pokémon Heaven and Pokémon Hell versions!? So many possibilities to explore! Pokémon Apocalypse and Pokémon Armageddon sound like they’d be pretty fun to play, too. Make sure you get them both to collect all the Pokémon!

Avila is cute and I like the mouth-guard she has. I mean really, with the kinds of battles Pokémon have, I’m surprised their trainers don’t wear PLATE ARMOR with what gets flung around.

Pokemon Plus and Minus Hero Leon by NachtBeirmann

And here we have the dude! That’s one thing that’s crazy about these trainers, though. The backpacks they carry look like they’re taking a whole car-trunk’s worth of crap with them. And this one looks like it weighs more than this guy’s own body weight. Not sure what the deal is with the black sleeves and the black panty hose. He has shorts and a tank top, but then… why wear that? Is he dressing for hot weather or cold weather? Pokémon Anarchy version it is, then!

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s it for this week, and though your weekend may be coming to a grinding, painful, and somewhat melancholy end, just remember that when life gives you lemons, it’s probably better to just sell those to someone else at a farmer’s market and use the proceeds to buy yourself some doughnuts.

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