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Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief Ep35 08JAN2018 – 14JAN2018


Whether you’re chillin’ in the northern hemisphere or cookin’ in the southern hemisphere, there’s always NEMM for you!

So 2018 is off to a great start! Well, okay, today the art is a little extra weird, but that’s a normal thing for DeviantArt. It’s a fresh kind of funky so if that’s the kind of thing that floats your boat, that’s all cool. Or it could be like a new scent of fart that’s something you may not have experienced yet, but wasn’t the kind of thing you were hoping for.

Pokemon! by Turtle-Arts

The bottom four actually look pretty normal! I mean Cubone’s doing his usual thing of clubbing things to death, Horsea’s doing the usual blank stare at whatever, Slowpoke is resembling the core of humanity just five minutes before Monday morning’s alarm clock buzzer goes off and Omanyte is… doing whatever.

Now, about those top two. Nidorina just looks really IRATE. And kinda underfed. Every time I’ve seen Nidorina, sure, she may not be the most pleasant gal in most cases, but she can have her cool. And then there’s Clefairy with that cheeky and trying to act so innocent in a way that makes us question that innocence because of the overcompensation. The way an H2 overcompensates for size just because it’s possible. But in a Jurassic Park “just because we can’t doesn’t mean we should” violating kind of way.

Pokemon Hunting IRL by Sweet-n-treat

Something definitely has me convinced this isn’t as “IRL” as the title suggests. It’s just as IRL as Who Framed Roger Rabbit as a legitimate and realistic buddy cop movie.

Okay, really, what animals are these two supposed to be? I’m thinking maybe a dog and a cat. I dunno if it’s just me, but it just seems kinda weird to have cartoonish animal faces painted over human bodies. And I was hoping for some Pokémon but it’s another one of those funky DeviantArt things that just doesn’t have any of the buggers. Or maybe it’s just Seattle doing what Seattle does best by not having any actual Pokémon.

Baby Articuno plush | Pokemon by PinkuArt

I like this. It’s something kinda normal for once.

It’s cute but there’s something about Articuno having an oversized head that’s kind of funny. But babies are kind of like that, so it’s normal weirdness. Or maybe I’m just used to Articuno’s normal proportions that seeing one like this is kind of cute and funny.

Still, big head or not, Articuno is a great Pokémon and is in fact my very first legendary. Of course, thanks to the silly anime, it had me mistaken that I caught Ho-oh, but that was their bad. I swear!

Sylveon by catgut

It’s fine, it’s only a flesh wound!

Sylveon, you look surprisingly chill for a Pokémon that looks like it was caught in the crossfire of an idiot Mime Jr that blew himself up into kibbles and bits playing with hand grenades. Blagh, could you imagine if Pokémon battles ended up with these kinds of results instead of fainting!? Oh sure! “Sycther, use your Slash attack on that defenseless little Bunnelby and then go- OH MY GOD WHAT DID YOU AGGHHHHH NO I CAN’T ATTACH ITS HEAD BACK ON!!!”

Yeah, maybe that idea for a more mature Pokémon game isn’t such a hot idea after all…

All scattershot by zarla

At first I thought this might have a comic with some kind of story and I realized that as soon as I saw Asriel from Undertale sitting on a giant slice of pepperoni pizza, there was absolutely no freaking chance of that. He looks so happy. I swear, everyone deserves their own giant slice of pepperoni pizza to sit on. You may get cheesy butt and some people may question it, but if you tell them the truth, I’m sure they’ll understand.

There’s a few other game references in this strip including some Pokémon ones, but I don’t get why Latias grew up and Latios didn’t and why a dude from Team Flare and Team Skull are holding hands. There’s just so much random in this. I mean if it kept going and I saw a picture of Fennekin screaming karaoke to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville and a picture of Misty on fire while playing an innocent game of basketball on an airplane, well, I don’t even think those would be all that out of place in this collection.

And that wraps up this week, ladies and gents! Hopefully that wasn’t too weird for ya!

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