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Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief Ep45 19MAR2018 – 25MAR2018


Your go-to headquarters for your artsy Sunday Funday funnies!

They say March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. Well, around here, it’s been more like come in like a lion, roar louder than February and January, ravage a whole bunch of trees, bury all the cars in snow, and still come out very much like a lion. Well, rawr to you too!

Anyway, art’s a-waitin’ and we’re not gettin’ any younger here! Which is good because who wants to go back to diapers?

Aura/May – Pokemon by raptorthekiller

It’s a beautiful day at the beach! And May is winking at us! But is it out of affection or is she simply just wondering what Pokéball to use? Or is she wondering just how to Pokéballs clip to her belt without any magnets or hooks? Did she suddenly take a break to fathom about life, the universe, and the balance of the cosmos? Or did something fly into her eye?

Pokemon #582-583-584 by Cosmopoliturtle

Ah yeah, these guys! Some people love these guys while others like me, well, personified food was never my joy in life. Like you know how people put a smiling face on an apple or a donut as if those things are sentient beings? Kinda kills my appetite. I don’t bite into things that are living, especially …when they shouldn’t be.

These redesigns are nifty, though! They have spikes! And more colors! With nifty checker patterns and a thingy that looks like a flying island! Come on, what would you prefer, flying islands or ice cream cones?

Pokemon #580-581 by Cosmopoliturtle

Aww, how cute! Ducklett hasn’t changed all too much but… WHOA, Swanna! It’s like Swanna decided “nah, white swanny look ain’t gonna work for me. Let’s go for MASSIVE MIDNIGHT APEX PREDATOR BIRD THAT LOOKS LIKE IT ENCOMPASSES THE UNIVERSE!” Fresh with 150% more badass! Come on, you know you would ride that! You would ride it to work and school and even if you had the option of light-speed travel, nah, you’d be taking that Swanna all over town and then some.

Pokemon – Lorelei by ViViVooVoo

Woo-hoo, Lorelei, you sexy thing. For someone who specializes in ice type Pokémon, this really bends more toward getting hot! You know, the next time someone says “wah wah Pokémon is just a kids game,” show them pictures of the hot ladies in Pokémon. That’ll get them to be quiet and just return to their greasy waffle fries.

Pokemon #587 by Cosmopoliturtle


And wow, so different, but so nifty! Emolga seems so much more mystical now, like he can visit your dreams, see the future, see your future dreams, and totally re-engineer them just because he can! Yeah, you remember how you had that weird dream where you were flying but then suddenly lost control? And then you ended up falling into a vat of watermelon Jell-o before the Knights of Ni and their army of toucans attacked you? Yeah, he saw that coming. He even added the toucans.

That’s a wrap for this week’s NEMM! Enjoy a day full of surprises, silliness, and insanity antics!

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