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Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief Ep8 3JUL2017 – 9JUL2017



It’s dA’s art, my nonsense, and plenty of wily good times for everyone!

If you’re new and haven’t plunged this far into insanity yet, I take the top five of the week for Pokémon art off of DeviantArt and give them my own special kind of commentary! It’s all in good, crazy fun! Just don’t forget to sign the waiver!

Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon by CoryKatze

I love the title. Stay “Pokemon” three times like you’re trying to summon Beetlejuice!

Despite the limited color palate of only three colors, this does a pretty darn good crazy job of capturing twelve popular Pokémon you’ve known for years. Although I kinda wonder why the Magikarp gets a crown and none of the others do. WHO MADE YOU THE BOSS YOU FLOPPY, SPLASHING FISH!? And I personally like how Gengar has a very Cheshire cat kind of look. Admit it, we’d all love a cat like that!

Starter Pokemon Regional Variant 2 by Nyjee

Tired of the same old Fire/Water/Grass starter routine? New from Nyjee Industries, deck your starter out with a whole new typing for only four easy payments of $19.99! Broaden your choices! Expand your horizons! But wait, there’s more! If you order now within the next five minutes, you’ll get… uh, wait, I don’t OH, the leftover cookies we have in the break room that no one wanted to take home with them!

But really, I’d love to see retypings like this. There’s no limits!

Starter Pokemon Regional Variant by Nyjee

But wait, there’s more! Okay, I’m not kidding, there really is more! *GASP* I would totally not lie to you! Well, not in a overly malicious, destructive, cataclysmic kind of way.

Now your favorite starters in their basic forms got retyped, but still keep the same rock-paper-scissors cycle! Aint’t that a beaut! Put an end to the Grass/Fire/Water routine! Broaden those choices! Take those leftover cookies! No, we don’t have any more milk! No, I didn’t get a chance to hit the ATM today! No, I didn’t get around to it!

So what’s my favorite out of this newly-typed batch of crazy, fun-loving “screw you and your rules” starters!? That… FENNEKIN! It’s ears look like butterfly wings! That’s just rich. Although honorable mention goes to Treecko with the new ice cream cone tail and earmuffs. EARMUFFS! Why hasn’t Game Freak explored that as an option for an ice type!?

Generic Pokemon Design by Generation ver.2 by Shenaniganza

This goes from starting off as weird to so sarcastically and cynically true it’s hilarious!

“Cat ears for some reason”
“Funny shape things attached to them”
“Arbitrary spikes”

I’m happy I wasn’t drinking anything because I’d have to bust out the Windex and clean my screen after snorting to some of these. THIS, ladies and gentlemen. THIS is what you came for. THIS is the magic you were hoping to see.

We’ll probably always like Pokémon, but it’s these… little things that kind of help remind us that it can get a bit absurd at times. And I’ll admit, my favorite Pokémon, Emolga, falls under the “Gen 6” syndrome. But you won’t stop me! Hands off! No, where are you taking me…!? I WANT MY PHONE CALL!

A few more PRE-ORDERS for the Pokemon SKETCHBOOK! by kenket

Wowie, I CAN’T WAIT to see more of what’s going to go into that SKETCHBOOK because it may be just the ONLY thing that gets me off the random ALL CAPS syndrome that I’ve gotten HOOKED INTO! Here was have a curious and astounded-looking “oh crap, where the heck are we floating now!?” Mew and Mewtwo combo on the left and a PSYCHOTIC ZOROARK on the right! That’s an awesome Zoroark. They should all look like that. That crazy, big-bad-wolf-gunna-steal-all-yo-chickenz kinda of crazy look. And then in the middle, there’s a little sketch of a fallen, Monday morning “didn’t wanna get out of bed” Dragonite and an Ampharos that looks down on him and just utters one word. One amazing and insightful word! “Rot.” Not “oh, you look like you need some coffee” or “hey, let me order a pizza to cheer you up.” Just “rot.” You saw it here, folks, this is where the magic happens!

That’s all for this week! Enjoy a basket of crazies and remember to always brush your teeth!

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