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Spreading the Holiday Spirit Through Wonder Trade

There is currently an internet movement named WTXmas. What is this, you might be wondering? If you’ve been doing any Wonder Trading lately, you might have noticed that there are a lot of Wingull and Zigzagoon being passed around. Meanwhile, many children will presumably be getting Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire this Christmas, and WTXmas is designed to make their day just a little more awesome. In what is becoming an annual tradition, Pokemon fans have bred lots of great Pokemon to give out on Wonder Trade on Christmas Day!

Redditor lllANONYMOUSlll will be giving out Dratini this Christmas.

Redditor lllANONYMOUSlll will be giving out Dratini this Christmas.

Because children aren’t so interested in IVs and EVs, the focus is more on giving away rare, cute or popular Pokemon that may otherwise be difficult to obtain in the game. Starters, version exclusives, legends, dragons, Christmas-themed Pokemon and shinies are all set to be given out this year by generous fans who have spent their time creating boxes of great Pokemon!

If you’d like to help spread the cheer, all you need to do is breed some fun Pokemon to give away via Wonder Trade on Christmas. You may just make someone’s day!

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