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New Cockroach Named After Pokemon!

Cockroach named after Pokemon
Sometime fact is stranger then fiction.

Especially when a new animal is founded and named after a Pokemon! In this case, there is a brand new cockroach and it has been named after a cockroach that can be found in your Pokemon game!

Let us introduce you to the Nocticola pheromosa. A cockroach that was discovered by two entomologist from Singapore and the Philippines.

Singaporean Foo Maosheng of Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (LKCNHM) and Filipino Cristian Lucañas of the UPLB Museum of Natural History were the ones who discovered the Nocticola pheromosa. They also just so happen to be huge Pokemon fans. So much so that they named their recently discovered bug after Pheromosa!

“A new insect species (Nocticola pheromosa) has been described from Singapore, and it serves as the first record of this genus in Singapore. At the same time, it is also named after a Pokémon,”

-Maosheng in a Facebook post. 

The Nocticola pheromosa was discovered during an insect survey in 2016 at nature reserve. After some dissection, it was found out that the Nocticola pheromosa was part of the Nocitcolidae family. This family of insects only has 23 species known to date. With the inclusion of Nocticola pheromosa as new species, the family has now gone up!

Personal Thoughts

It sure is great to see Pokemon fans getting out there in the world and naming new species after Pokemon! It is even crazier that this new cockroach looks almost like a Pheromosa. The coloring isn’t the same but the body type sure does. Long wings that look like hair. Each one overlapping over each one. Yeah…We are one step closer to Pokemon being in the real world.

And I don’t like that. I don’t need almost human size Beedrill running around with it’s giant stingers. No thank you! Please stay in the Pokemon game. Please.

With that said! It is pretty cool to see Pokemon getting some nods in the scientific community.

Source: CNN Philippines

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