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New Ditto Regulation Mark? In Pokemon GO?

Ditto Regulation Mark sticker
Get ready for the Ditto Regulation Mark????

Pulling cards in the upcoming Pokemon GO TCG set may be more fun then expected.

That is because some cards in the new set will have a….Ditto Regulation Mark. This will be instead of normal F Regulation Mark that will be used in the Pokemon GO TCG Set.

What does this Ditto Regulation Mark mean? Does this means we will have Ditto Block in the Pokemon TCG?

Well, it actually means that you found a Ditto!

If you do find a Ditto Regulation Mark in the bottom left hand side of your cards then it means you have a Ditto card! All you have to do is peel off the top layer of the card to reveal Ditto hiding under it!

Edit: 5/20 @ 12:31 Below is a tweet from Immewnity on Twitter on how it looks when the Ditto sticker is peeled.

Edit: 5/20 @ 8:42 Below is a tweet from PokeGuardian showing the peeling of the Ditto sticker from a card.

Reference to Pokemon GO

Ditto GO
This is actually a reference to how you find Ditto in Pokemon GO. Sometimes in Pokemon GO, you may catch a Pokemon and then “OH!” will appear on the catch display screen. The Pokemon will then glow and reveal itself to actually be a Ditto!

Ditto in Pokemon GO TCG Set


This new Ditto card has the new “Sudden Transformation” ability. This ability allows you to use any attacks of non-Rule Box Pokemon that are in your discard. You will still need to have the energy cost to use those attacks.

Please note that you can’t use the Pokemon on the top of the Ditto card in any competitive play. After all, the Ditto Regulation Mark isn’t an Regulation Mark for competitive play. Still, it would be cool to have a fun sticker to stick on a binder or something. Even more fun to collect all the Ditto stickers!

The Pokemon GO TCG set will be release on July 1st in the United States.

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