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New Features Coming To Pokémon GO

Out with the good and in with the bad!

Pokémon GO is a game that is constantly evolving. Features that were once implemented to aid a rapidly changing world, are getting a make-over. I’m talking of course about Remote Raid Passes. Earlier we were told that in-person Raids would yield more rewards than battling remotely. Not many details were given at that time, but it was nice to have some warning that things would be changing.

Changes To Remote Raiding

We have now been told, that in-person Raids would reward Trainers with Mega Energy and Rare Candy XL for defeating the bosses. This makes sense, allow Trainers who explore and adventure their world, to gain access to more rewards, as opposed to players who chose the comfort of their couch. Had the press release ended here, I don’t think anyone would have raised a fuss. But in true Niantic fashion, the message continued, and it got worse.

Starting May 23rd, 2022, the 1 PokéCoin Event Box would no longer be containing a Remote Raid Pass. Instead a “rotating array of items” will be taking its place. Okay, not ideal, and further investigation shows, that the discount for buying Remote Raid Passes in bulk, has also disappeared. Three Passes used to cost 250 PokéCoins. That price has jumped to 300 PokéCoins. The same price as if you bought 3 passes individually.

Remote Raids

This is where I start to have an issue. I don’t have a lot of friends to Raid with in person. A good majority of people I Raid with I have met on Twitter (shout out to them.) We have a chat group there and we can coordinate and participate in Raids, from multiple places at once. It seems like with Remote Raid Passes being more expensive, we might not be able to play together as much. My hope is that with these in-person bonus rewards, that more people will be inclined to go to Gyms and thus, Raids will still be simple to complete.

How To Properly Voice Your Concerns

I want to take this time to let all of you know, if you have any constructive criticism for Niantic, please utilize the proper channels to contact them. I know it’s easy to jump on Twitter and tag them in your rant. Please understand that IF those tweets get read, it will most likely be by someone who did not implement these changes and does not deserve any negativity within said tweet.

These messages can and do get ignored quite often. The social media group is not obligated to read tweets and does not have to take meaningful action to please you. If you choose to use Twitter to contact them, please be respectful and offer feedback that the social media managers can take back to the directors and programers to hopefully make a change for the better.

Another route, that is often forgotten about because it’s well hidden, is Pokémon GO support. They can be reached from an in-game menu. These emails MUST be read by the team, therefore it’s the best way to ensure your voice is heard. Again, please be respectful and offer constructive criticism. The person reading your message is human and likely not deserving of any hatred. To take advantage of this feature, do the following:

  1. From the map view, open the Main Menu (Pokéball)
  2. At the top right, tap Settings (Gear icon)
  3. Tap on Help (Question mark) in the top right corner to access the help center
  4. On iOS, tap Contact Us, in the upper right corner. On Android, tap the speech bubble icon.

A Highly Anticipated Feature Is Coming

Remember when I said I had an online group of Raid friends? It’s not uncommon to see groups like that on Twitter, Facebook, Discord, etc. Well, a new chat feature is coming that may make those groups obsolete. This chat feature, which will be coming in a few month, is based within a separate app that can be accessed via Pokemon GO.

Confusing, I know, but here is how it will (most likely) work. A closed beta within Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, was set up to test this chat function. That’s how we have a rough idea of how this will work.
Raid Chat
Basically, from the Raid screen, there will be a chat icon. Tap on this, to be brought to a separate page where you can chat and coordinate Raids with others from your friends list.

That’s all we know for certain at the moment. But what other functions can this have? Here are some of my speculations:

  • Ping local players near a Raid location to let them know you’re interested in going.
  • Set up multiple groups for local and global friends.
  • Ability to schedule a meetup (CD or Raid hours)

Pokemon GO, and all games as a service, will always have their hits and misses when it comes to updates and new features. It it impossible to please everybody. Just know that these folks are doing their best, to make a product that is fun for as many people as possible. While it may not be for you, or go against your play style, just know that you are not their only client. Try to understand why these changes were made. And if you have a suggestion or idea, use the proper channel and contact them. You could the one that makes huge impact on the game for the better.

See you around, Genesect!

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