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New English TCG Set for August

Evolving Skies
Get ready to set to the skies!

The name for the August TCG set for the Pokemon TCG has been revealed. The new set for August will be called Evolving Skies and will feature Rayquaza.

Details for this set are limited at the moment. Evolving Skies will be based on the Japanese sets, ‘Sky Stream’ and ‘Towering Perfection’. These two sets are to be release in Japan on July 9th.

Based off the color scheme of the Evolving Skies logo, it looks to be more focus on Rayquaza. Another Pokemon that we can expect to see in Evolving Skies will be Duraludon.

Both Rayquaza and Duraludon are expected to appear in Evolving Skies as Pokemon V and Pokemon VMAX.

Evolving Skies will be release in the US on August 27th.

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