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Pikachu Makes an Appearance in Archie Comics!

Archie comics
And you thought Pikachu with Katy Perry was big.

Pikachu has been making the rounds all over pop culture. Recently our favorite Electric Mouse Pokemon teamed up with Katy Perry to preform the time heist of the decade. Though, apparently Pikachu has decided to join the pages of Archie.

In a recently Bite Sized Archie comic, Pikachu can be seen in the window.


It is a small cameo but you can see Pikachu on a poster for the local comic book store named “Anime R’ Us”. Jughead is heading to his favorite anime store and you can see Pikachu along side other anime references. Some of these include your anime favorites such as One Lunch Man and Teen Witch Academy.

Well, alright, Pikachu doesn’t make a direct reference. If you look at the poster then you will see that it is for Pikamon. Though the resemblance is pretty spot on with this reference to Pikachu.

Below is the comic we are talking about.

This isn’t the first time that anime has been reference in Archie comics. If anything, this comic is a reference to a comic in the mainline Archie comics. This comic doesn’t reference Pokemon but it does have cool nods to Sailor Moon and Totoro. You can click here to see the reference. There happens to be a whole series of anime related moments in Archie.

If you love what you see here then check out Bite Sized Archie comics. This is a cute comic series using the whole Riverdale cast with plenty of funny nods to pop culture. It will surely make you laugh more then the CW show that is currently airing.

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