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New EX Outfits coming to Pokémon Masters EX

Check out the newest update to Pokémon Masters!

Following the announcement that Pokémon Masters would be renamed Pokémon Masters EX, it was also revealed that this would also mark the introduced of 6EX rankings for certain sync pairs. This is a ranking that will feature more powerful stats and new outfits. Supposedly it will also feature a staggered release, with certain characters being unlockable as time passes.

At the time this announcement was made, only Red was confirmed to have an alternate color palette, matching that of Mega Charizard’s. However, since then, it has been confirmed that Rosa will also have an alternate outfit. Her new outfit features the color scheme of her partner Pokémon, Serperior. Of course, if players are not a fan of this color scheme, they are able to switch it back to the original.

We are sure that more 5 star pairs will be confirmed in the future, but that’s all for now so check back later for more information.

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