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Crossroads Comics #117-Pokémon: Shadow of the Sun

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

This week we’re taking a look at Pokémon: Shadow of the Sun! This comic centers on Twig, a young Sneasel with a strange birthmark. Found abandoned in a cave by a Wigglytuff and Ursaring as an infant, the other residents of her town seem to believe she is cursed and bringer of misfortune. Twig seems to believe it too, especially after she’s been kidnapped by a mysterious group. But is it really true? Or does the mark has some other hidden meaning? That’s what Twig intends to find out in Pokémon: Shadow of the Sun.

While this comic is still in its early stages I’m very interested to see where this goes. The premise for this story is very unique and I’m very intrigued to discover more about Twig’s mysterious past. The author has also given us several lore drops that I’m excited to see how they tie into the main story. Thanks to the comic’s main description on ComicFury, we know some of what is to come, but it just makes me more excited to see Twig go on a journey of self discovery about her past and herself.

This comic’s strong suit lies in its quick characterization and ability to excel in the black and white medium. As I’ve stated in the past, comics that are typically greyscale often have a harder time gaining traction, but Pokémon: Shadow of the Sun does well to excel in this medium. The best, most recent example of this, is on pages 46 through 50. The heavy fog on these pages outlines the panels, making for unique shapes and giving a great sense of just how thick this fog really is. While comics in color could potentially pull this off, a greyscale comic doesn’t have to worry about the colors of the background diluting the fog, making this medium much better suited for a trick like this.

The comic also does well with quick characterization. Generally, when a character is introduced, readers can get a great sense of the character’s personality right away. A great example of this is Halil the Scorbunny. He’s first introduced on page 13 and within four pages we already get a good picture of his personality just from his own actions as well as the reactions of the other characters around him. While we definitely get more depth to his character later on in the chapter as he converses more with Twig, it’s great to have that initial characterization to draw readers in.

All in all this is a comic that’s really worth checking out, especially with it reaching the climax of the first chapter. You can find it on ComicFury and Deviantart. You can also follow and support the creator, Lampette, on Twitter and Patreon.

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