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New PokeToon! “A Budding Dream”!

A budding dream!
A new PokeToon has been released with a story as old as time!

A brand new PokeToon has been release via Pokemon’s Japanese YouTube Channel. This PokeToon is called “A Budding Dream”.

“A Budding Dream” is about a young girl who wants to go on her own Pokemon journey to become a Champion. She grew up listening to tales of being a Pokemon trainer from her father who at once use to be a Champion. The girl sets out to catch her own Pokemon and along the way she meets a Nidoran♂. The two soon find out that the path to become a Pokemon trainer is a tough and rough one.

If you think the animation of this PokeToon looks familiar then you are right. This PokeToon was made by Studio Colorido who also worked on Pokémon: Twilight Wings.

You can watch “A Budding Dream” below. Let us know what you think of telling of a story we all know so well in the comments.

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