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New TCG Mechanic to Bring Future and Past!

Paradox TCG
The Pokemon TCG gave fans a peak of the future and past at Worlds 2023!

As tradition, the Pokemon World Champions not only gives players a chance to celebrate the past but also gives players the chance to cheer for the future! That is because we are going to see two mechanics come for players to enjoy in the upcoming year. One mechanic that will be coming in the future. Meanwhile, a past mechanic to return!

Paradox Pokemon to Invade the TCG!

Paradox Pokemon will be making their proper TCG introduction in upcoming future sets in 2023! These powerful cards will have Paradox Pokemon have special Ancient and Future Pokemon. This is similar to how Pokemon were identified as Rapid Strike, Single Strike and Fusion Strike Pokemon starting in Battle Styles.

Paradox Pokemon such as Scream Tail, Brute Bonnet and Roaring Moon will have the Ancient tag. Meanwhile, the Future tag will be used for Paradox Pokemon. Some of these include Iron Moth, Iron Valiant and Iron Bundle.

As of right now for Pokemon ex, we know there will be a Roaring Moon ex and Iron Valiant ex. We will expect to see these cards in the upcoming set Paradox Rift. This set will be release around the world in the Fall of 2023.

Return of Ace Specs!

Ace Specs Return!
If you thought that Pokemon ex was going to be the only returning past mechanic then think again! ACE SPEC are expected to return in 2024!

ACE SPEC cards were originally introduce during in Boundaries Crossed during the Black & White era of the TCG. These were Trainer cards with powerful effects. Though, the only limitation the cards had were that you could only play one ACE SPEC per deck. It is expected that they will work in a similar way.

Some examples of ACE SPEC cards included Computer Search. If you discard two cards from your hand then you could search your deck for any card. It is unknown at the time if this card will be reprinted as part of the rollout of ACE SPECS in 2024.

Below is the trailer for the upcoming TCG mechanics coming in 2023 and beyond.

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