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More Raids! To Prepare for Mewtwo!

Defense Support Raids
Need more help with Mewtwo?

Then you will want to jump into these Raid Events for Scarlet & Violet! ‘ A Show of Supporters’ raid event will allow you to prep your defense against Mewtwo in the upcoming ‘Get Mew & Mewtwo!” event!

To help you prepare your defense and support, Blissey, Hatterene & Grimmsnarl will be invading Tera Raid dens. Their Tera types will be random but hopefully you can get some good Tera types. You can expect Hatterene and Grimmsnarl will drop defensive vitamins and TMs. Meanwhile Blissey will drop Tera Shards and Exp. Candies.

The rewards will also be plentiful so you can raise an amazing Pokemon such as Mew to take on Mewtwo.

This raid event has already started! It will run until August 31st. It will then repeat again on September 1st to 17th.

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