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New TCG Set for Japan! Return of Ace Specs!

Wild Force Cyber Judge
The first new TCG set for 2024!

Some TCG news came at the end of 2023! And because of this news we now know the name and release date of the new TCG sets! Also, we know when ACE SPECs will return to the Pokemon TCG! And the answer is it will all happen on the same day!

The next Pokemon TCG sets coming to Japan will be “Wild Force” and “Cyber Judge”. These two sets will release more Paradox Pokemon to the Pokemon TCG and the return of ACE SPECs.

“Wild Force” and “Cyber Judge” Details

Both “Wild Force” and “Cyber Judge” will feature 71 cards each. “Wild Force” will feature Walking Wake, Raging Bolt and Gouging Fire. Meanwhile, “Cyber Judge” will feature Iron Leaves, Iron Crown and Iron Boulder.

All of these cards will receive Pokemon ex cards. It is worth noting that all of these Pokemon were recently introduced in the Indigo Disk DLC.

Return of the ACE SPEC

“Wild Force” and “Cyber Judge” will also feature the return of the ACE SPEC mechanic. These are special Trainer cards that have powerful effect though you can only have one ACE SPEC in your deck. This is similar to Radiant Pokemon that was introduce during Regulation F.

There have been a few changes to ACE SPEC cards. The first obvious change is that ACE SPEC cards printed in “Wild Force” and “Cyber Judge” will have bright pink backgrounds. Also, as of right now they will not be limited to just Item/Tool cards. In “Wild Force” and “Cyber Judge” there will be at least one Special Energy card.

As of right now, the current known ACE SPEC cards to be release in “Wild Force” and “Cyber Judge” will be Neo Upper Energy, Prime Catcher and Master Ball. It is worth noting that Master Ball is a reprint of the Master Ball ACE SPEC card that was printed during the Black & White era. That means you can use that copy of the card once “Wild Force” and “Cyber Judge” is legal for play.

Other Cards Being Released

There will be two “Starter Deck & Build Sets” release in Japan on the same day as “Wild Force” and “Cyber Judge”. One Starter Deck will feature new Koraidon ex as an Ancient Pokemon. Meanwhile, the other Starter Deck will feature Miraidon ex as a Future Pokemon.

The Master Ball ACE SPEC reprint will be release in these Starter Decks.

Release Information

“Wild Force”, “Cyber Judge” and the two Koraidon ex & Miraidon ex Starter Decks will be release in Japan on January 26th.

It is suspected that we will see cards from “Wild Force”, “Cyber Judge” and the two Koraidon ex & Miraidon ex Starter Decks in US and internationally in our Spring TCG set. This is expected to be in March.

Source: PokeBeach

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