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Rotation for TCG in Japan! Hints for International Rotation!

Rotation 2024
Japan has a date for Rotation! Are we soon after?

Announced in Japan at the end of the year was the date for when Rotation will go into effect in Japan. It was also announced which Regulation Mark will be rotating on that date.

Rotation Information

In general, Rotation is when certain sets are removed from the Standard TCG format. That means cards with certain Regulation Marks will no longer be played in Standard format. If the card was reprinted later with a newer Regulation Mark then they will stay legal in the Standard format. Some of these cards include Switch, Professor Research and Boss’s Orders. All of these cards got reprinted in Regulation G.

Upcoming Rotation and Effects

With that said, Rotation for the 2023-2024 season will take place on January 26th. This rotation will see cards with Regulation E being removed from the Standard format. TCG sets with Regulation E includes Battle Styles, Chilling Reign, Celebrations, Evolving Skies and Fusion Strike. The reminder of the cards from Shining Fates that didn’t get rotated in 2023 will also be rotating this year.

That means only cards with Regulation Mark E and beyond will be legal for the Standard format.

Some notable cards and mechanics that will be leaving the Standard format include all of the Rapid Strike, Single Strike and Fusion Strike cards.

That means we will no longer see Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX striking two cards with massive damage. Also, there will be no more gaining an extra turn using Yoga Loop with Medicham V.

Lugia VSTAR will lose powerful Single Strike cards that it teamed up with to do massive damage. Some of them included Yveltal, Stonjourner and Tyranitar V. Also, Professor Burnet will rotate which helped Lugia VSTAR decks get needed cards in the discard.

One of the biggest archetypes leaving the format will be Fusion Strike Mew VMAX. This deck with Mew VMAX and Genesect V has been reaching top tables in Regionals since it’s introduction. Now it will be leaving the format and forcing players to find a new deck to flock to.

There are also plenty of other cards that will be leaving the Standard format with this upcoming Rotation. SOme of them include Battle VIP Past which many decks use. Gardevoir decks will see their main attacker leaving with Gardevoir from Chilling Reign leaving the format. Another card used in Gardevoir decks will be leaving in the form of Fog Crystal.

Rotation for the US and International Players

There is currently no word on when Rotation will be for the US and around the world at the time of this writing. It is suspected that US and international players will see rotation in the Spring with the release of the Spring TCG set.

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