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New TCG Set in Japan! Stellar Miracle!

Stellar Miracle TCG set
Time for a stellar surprise in the TCG!

A brand new TCG set has been announced in Japan during the Pokémon Japan Championships. This new set is called Stellar Miracle and will feature Terapagos and the new Stellar type to the TCG!

Set Details

Stellar Miracle is expected to feature at over 102 cards. The feature card will be Terapagos ex with the special Stellar Tera type. Most of this set will feature Colorless Pokemon with Terapagos taking the lead.

No other details are known about this set.

About the Stellar Type

Currently we only know of one Pokemon having the Stellar Type in the TCG, Terapagos ex. Based on this Pokemon, we can see that it will have at least one attack that needs multiple types of energy.

This is similar to Crystal Pokemon or Amazing Rare Pokemon during Sword & Shield. Though, these Pokemon have powerful attacks with amazing effects to them.

Besides having attacks that require multiple types of energy, there is no way to differentiate Stellar Pokemon from other Tera Pokemon. Perhaps with Stellar Miracle we will start seeing support for Tera type Pokemon.

Release Date

Stellar Miracle will be release in Japan on July 19th. At this moment there is no word on when this set will be release in the US and around the world.

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