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Your Pokemon Predictions for 2022!

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How are you enjoying 2022 so far? Made any predictions?

I would say it hasn’t been that great so far. Though, we are only half way though the first week. So maybe it will get better. Who knows!

What I do know is that I recently asked some people on Twitter about their predictions for Pokemon in 2022! We have some good responses that I think you will all like to hear. So how about we show them off?

Vanity Pits predicts…

We have predictions form Vanity Pits. They are saying that we will see some Legends: Arceus DLC and/or Expansions. I like the sound of that! Add in some new content to a game that many Pokemon fans are looking forward to. Give me that!

Though, some Pokemon Mystery Dungeon would be good. I know fans of that part of the Pokemon fandom would love that.

And a new game…Maybe a new region or generation. Huh?

Every Pokemon Episode Ever Podcast predicts…

Hey! Great minds think alike! It looks as if Every Pokemon Episode Ever Podcast is seeing the same thing in their crystal ball! Give us some Legends: Arceus DLC!

And why not add more New Pokemon Snap DLC! They did it once during 2021. So why not make it happen in 2022.

Steven Reich predicts…

The sky the limit! Let your imagination run wild!

Our friend, Steven Reich from PokePress predicts some more music collaborations in Pokemon GO.

It did seem that Pokemon GO did some interesting things when it came to music during 2021. Not sure if it was meant to tie in with all the music stuff that was happening around the Pokemon 25 celebration. Still, it was cool. Maybe we will see more things like that from Pokemon GO in 2022.

NobleJanobiiart predicts…

Our great Queen of the Shaymin and PXR Comic & Art Beat Writer predicts that 2022 is the Year of Shaymin! You get a Shaymin! You get a Shaymin! And you get a Shaymin! EVERYBODY GETS A SHAYMIN!!!!

NobleJanobiiart also had this to say.

OH! We still do not have Shaymin in Pokemon GO. Granted. We do know that some sweet Shaymin content is coming to Legends: Arceus. If I recall, you really wanted to write about that. Though, I guess as soon as Pokemon GO says Shaymin is coming to their game that you will be on top of that too before I even ask if you want to write about it.

Johel Rosales predicts…

Sounds like we are getting some predicts for Pokemon games to expand their language options in 2022. At least, that is what Johel is predicting.

We have seen in recent titles that Pokemon has expanded their games to be played in various Chinese languages. Hopefully Pokemon will include Latin Spanish in their 2022 titles. That would be really cool.

PokeScience predicts…

Our friends at PokeScience predicts that Pokemon will include more real world animals into their games.

Alright guys. I love you all but that is low hanging fruit there. I am sure we will see more new regional (Is that the right way to refer to them?) variants in Legends: Arceus. Unless…they reveal all of them prior to the end of 2021…Then maybe this predictions won’t come true.

Well…If not then maybe we will see more in some game that we do not know about that is coming in 2022.


Purified Podcast predicts…

EVERYTHING! They predict that everything will happen in 2022!

Well. I can’t disagree with that.

2022 is young and anything can happen to and in Pokemon! Will these predictions come true? Only time will tell.

If you have a prediction then let us know in the comments! Share this with your friends!

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