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New Trailer for Legends: Arceus Hints Evolutions!

New TRailer LEgends Arceus
A new trailer has dropped with major spoilers! Enter at your own risk!

A new trailer has dropped for Pokemon Legends: Arceus. This one will get you extra hype if you are excited for the game. The new trailer gives you new peeks at what you can do the Hisui region but also drops some new details.

Some of these new details features new locations that we have never seen before. One of those locations includes the top of Spear Pillar.

We also saw a glimpse of what will be Hisuian Evolutions for Rowlet, Cyndaquil and Oshawott. These Hisuian Evolution will evolve from Dartix, Quilava and Dewott.

Watch the trailer below to see these new Hisuian Evolutions and more!

If you like, the Japanese trailer for Legends: Arceus can be seen below.

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