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New Updates in Pokemon Masters!

Sigma Suit Elesa
It is time to get dress up in Pokemon Masters!

Pokemon Masters has had a few updates within the game! These updates include brand new chapters, characters and new Sigma Suit!

Sigma Suit Elesa

Elesa is ready to take the runway. Sigma Suit Elesa will soon be introduce into the game. As reported before, Sigma Suit Elesa will be paired with Rotom. Sigma Suit Elesa & Rotom will be sporting a fashionable look with Elesa dressing similar to a Rotom.

Sigma Suit Elesa will feature a new story event called Shining Star. Pokemon Masters are also claiming there will be a new way to play the game.


New Chapters and Valarie

New chapters have been added to Pokemon Masters. Chapters 22 to 24 have been added to Pokemon Masters. These chapters will feature Valerie as a new Sync Pair. Valerie & Sylveon act as a 4 Star Sync Pair that boost powerful Fairy type attacks.

Plenty of other characters have also gain a few evolutions. Some of the characters that got evolutions include Phoebe, Lt. Surge, Calem, Clay and Roxie.

Lastly, a 5 Star Select Special Scout is currently happening from now to March 16th.

Best of luck masters!

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