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Armored Mewtwo Returns to Pokemon GO!

Armored Mewtwo
The Pokemon Day Celebration Event has now begun!

It is time to party in Pokemon GO as the Pokemon Day Celebration Event has begun! This event start today and ends on March 2nd.

As part of the Pokemon Day Celebration, trainers can see the return of Armored Mewtwo, clone Pokemon, Party hats and a special Raid Day. Also, you can do two special trades per day in Pokemon GO during this event.

Armored Mewtwo Strikes Back!

The return of Armored Mewtwo marks the start of the Pokemon Day Celebration in Pokemon GO. You can find Armored Mewtwo in Level 5 Raids from today to March 2nd. These special Mewtwo will also be sporting the powerful Psychic move, Psystrike.

Attack of the Clones

During the Pokemon Day Celebration, clone Pokemon can be found in Pokemon. You will be able to see Clone Charizard, Clone Venusaur and Clone Blastoise in Level 4 raids during the event.

Also, you will see Clone Pikachu take part in photobombs when you take pictures of your Pokemon. If Clone Pikachu does end up photobombing you then you will be given the chance to capture this Pokemon.

Party Hat Fun

If you love Pokemon that wear party hats then you are in luck! You can now find Party Hat Pikachu and Party Hat Eevee in the wild! These Pokemon are ready to party!

Also, you can find Party Hat Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle in Level 1 Raids. These Pokemon can also be found in 7KM Eggs.

Best of luck in your catches during this special celebration!

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