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Players Cup Crowns First Ever Champions

Players Cup
The Players Cup is over but champions are crowned!

The Pokemon World Championships was cancelled due to COVID-19. Though, players were thirsty for the chance for competition. Play! Pokemon saw this and answer with the Players Cup for TCG, VGC and Pokken Tournament!

The battles started in May and now in August we have champions. Players Cup is over and we have Players Cup Champions for TCG, VGC and Pokken Tournament. These three champions have now earn themselves Travel Awards to a future Pokémon International Championships.

Below are our three champions for the Players Cup!

  • 2020 Pokémon TCG Players Cup Champion Jack Millar playing SAFE (Lucario & Melmetal EX/Zacian V)
  • 2020 Pokémon Video Game Players Cup Champion Santino Tarquinio using Coalossal Team
  • 2020 Pokkén Tournament DX Players Cup Champion Shadowcat playing Darkrai

Congratulations to these champions and everybody who competed in the Players Cup!

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