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Players Cup to be Held During Summer!

Players CUp
Do you have the need for battle?

Then Play! Pokemon has your back if you are into the TCG, VGC or Pokken Tournament! That is because this summer will see the debut of the Players Cup!

The Players Cup will be the first official online tournament series hosted by Play! Pokemon around the world. Players from the North America, Europe, Oceania and South America will get to show their skill against each other. All in order to show who is the best. Meanwhile, this will help keep the competitive edge in several players who are waiting to battle. What will make this tournament series even better is that trainers from all over the world can watch these battles!

If you wish to take part in the Players Cup then you are going to need to get plenty of battles in and be in the Masters division. That is because there will be a round of qualifiers for players to participate in. These qualifiers will take place in May and June pending on which competition you are participating in.

Once you have qualify for the Players Cup then you will be invited to battle in the first round of the Players Cup in July. These players will take part in a double-elimination bracket that will be broken down by region.

The top finishers for the the July competition for the Players Cup will then move on to the Player Cup in August. This will be the final stage for players. It is then that the champion of the Players Cup will be crowned. The Champion will receive a Travel Award for a future International Championships event.

The road to the Players Cup will differ depending on your competition. Below is how you can enter based on the TCG, VGC or Pokken Tournament.

Pokémon TCG Championships

Those in the TCG who wish to qualify for the Players Cup in July will need to hit Pokemon TCG Online. From there, you will need to rank up in the June Leaderboard by playing the Standard Format using Tournament Rep. Players will need to save up their Tournament Tickets in Pokemon TCG Online if they wish to rank up in June.

Those who qualify in June will then be invited to take part in the first round of the Players Cup in July. Top Finishers in the TCG for the Player Cup will then get to battle on the final stage of the Players Cup in August.

Pokémon VG Championships

If you want to take part in the Players Cup for VGC then you have a week to get ready. That is because the qualifier for VGC will be the International Challenge May Online Competition. This qualifier and International Challenge will take place next week, Thursday, May 21st to Sunday, May 24th, 2020.

In order to be invited to the first round of the Trainers Cup in July then you will need to top for your rating zone. Below are the qualifications for each rating zone.

  • North America: Top 256
  • Europe: Top 256
  • Oceania: Top 128
  • Latin America: Top 256

Those who top in each rating zone will then be invited to the Trainers Cup in July. From there, the top finishers in the VGC competition will then move on to battle in the final stage in August for the Trainers Cup.

Please note that you will need to link your Nintendo Account with your Pokémon Trainer Club account before signing up.

Pokkén Tournament DX Championships

Those who want to participate for the Trainers Cup for Pokken can registrar directly for the tournament at a later date. Details and registration for the Pokken Tournament DX can be found later on

“The Pokémon competitive community is very special, and we can’t wait for players to virtually connect with each other in the new online Pokémon Players Cup. With the postponement of traditional Play! Pokémon in-person tournaments, we hope to see some intense battles and the community’s legendary sportsmanship on display at the Pokémon Players Cup.”

Colin Palmer, vice president of marketing at The Pokémon Company International.

With that said, are you ready for a summer of intense battles? Best of luck to everybody who plans to participate in the Trainers Cup!

Source: Play! Pokemon

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