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Events for Pokemon Masters in May!

wally Gallade
It is a Fighting rampage in Pokemon Masters!

That is because Fighting Pokemon are going to be hitting the battle with all the events happening in Pokemon Masters. This is all thanks to the introduction of Wally & Gallade as a Sync Pair, Fighting Training Event and Blissful Bonanza!

New Sync Pair! Wally & Gallade

Wally & Gallade are making their Pokemon Masters debut! This sync pair is a Fighting type with all the kicks and punches. Things become even more intense as Wally has Gallade Mega Evolve into Mega Gallade as his Sync Move. If you want to learn more about Wally & Gallade then check out our article from the other day.

You can find Wally & Gallade in the Sync Pair Spotlight Scout until May 27th.

Fighting-Type Training Event

Fighting Training Event
If you are lucky and was able to get Wally & Gallade from the Sync Pair Spotlight Scout then you can get right to training them up. That is because there is currently a Fighting Type Trainer Event in Pokemon Masters.

Your Fighting type Sync Pairs will get boosted experience if they battle in this training event. They will be facing the dreadful Whitney & Miltank in this training event. Better watch out! She has plenty of Dark type partners that will scare off your Ghost type Sync Pairs. Though, they are perfect if you want to give your Fighting Sync Pairs something to punch.

Some of the noteworthy Fighting type Sync Pairs to train during this event includes Wally & Gallade, Korrina & Lucario and many others. You will have until May 27th to train up your Fighting type Sync Pairs.

The Blissful Bonanza! Rally

Blissful Bonzai
If you want to keep using you Fighting type Sync Pairs then you are in luck! Once per day you can take part in the Blissful Bonanza Rally!

This Rally features Sync Pairs that use just Blissey. This is the perfect Pokemon for your Fighting Type Sync Pairs to beat up on quickly. If you are able to defeat these Blissey then you will be rewarded with special rewards. These rewards include Happy Ticket, Joy Ticket or Bliss Ticket that can be exchanged for items to unlock Lucky Skills.

The Blissful Bonanza Rally will run until May 30th.

Sync Pair Support Login Bonus

Support Log In
Do you need some Gems? Then log in daily until May 27th to receive up to 2,100 gems!

Best of luck in your battles and scouting!

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