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Podcast Central: It’s a Critical Hit!

Podcast Central
Finals are coming and kids are excitedly waiting for the sweet embrace of summer. All they need is to push one more time to overcome the harsh studies of school. Can they do it? Maybe a little bit of Pokemon podcasts can help get them over that hump! That is where we come to help with a whole bunch of podcasts!

First up on the lineup is PKMNcast! SBJ and Will are talking about Hawaii and the Alola region! How much can these two places have in common? Will is your expert on all that is Hawaii and how some of this real life location could inspire the Alola region! Do you need more SBJ in your ear? Then take a listen to Dungeons and Dragonites! We have a heartbreaking episode where a mother and child will have to say goodbye. Be prepare to cry and listen to sad background music.

Do you have that battling itch thanks to the advent of summer? P.U.C.L. Podcast has an episode where they talk about how to build a competitive team. Fluffiest Whimsicott will be our clueless battler as Thatch and Dr. Shamu gives us a lesson in team building. If you are into competitive TCG then take a listen to Experience Share where Kenny and Sorina talk about what to expect in the first week of US Spring Regionals. You can also listen to Ross from PTCG Radio discuss UK Nationals and has an interview with a champion! Now that will surely satisfy your competitive bug.

Ready to relax with some easy listening? Anne from Pikapi Podcast goes over an anime episode that features cheering Pokemon and the Rocket Trio on their a-game. Do they know where the twerps will walk or do the Rocket Trio simply just dig a bunch of holes? Maybe they are the true ninjas of the Pokemon world.

Want to hear up on some Pokemon Sun and Moon news and analyses? Kanto Cast take a look at the new trailer and go over all parts of what is known about Sun and Moon so far. It is a relaxing episode with Blue and Yellow but a fun one. Lastly, The Dex! Podcast has Alex, Kellz and Jimmy talk about the hype behind Sun and Moon and how much control GameFreak has of the news train.

Trust me kids. I feel your pain and ready for summer too. Don’t touch that Totodile. It is time to hear some podcasts!

PKMNcastPKMNcast: Alola Region & Volcanoesa

Dungeon & DragonitesDungeon & Dragonites:Breaking Up

P.U.C.L. PodcastP.U.C.L. Podcast: Team Building

Experience ShareExperience Share: Spring Regionals, Week 1

PTCG RadioPTCG Radio: Awesome Announcement And UK Nationals

Pikapi PodcastPikapi Podcast:Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Kanto CastKanto Cast: Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters Revealed

The Dex PodcaastThe Dex! Podcast: Rumors!

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