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VIDEO: Mimikyu’s True Hawaiian Origin Revealed!

Mimikyu Origins
What is Mimikyu’s origins? We may have an answer for you!

Today we have a video that looks at Mimikyu’s origins and ties to Hawaii. This video is from XLPug where he goes over all the lore around Mimikyu and even more!

It is clear that Alola is heavily influenced by Hawaii. You can see this in the Pokemon, locations and legends. Especially if you look at the Tapu Guardians. It seems as if Mimikyu is no different in this. XLPug has found Mimikyu’s ties to Hawaii and possibly to Tapu Bulu.

Watch the video from XLPug to learn about Mimikyu and it’s ties to Hawaii. If you like this video then make sure to check out the second part to this video by clicking here!

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