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Podcast Central: Ladies’ Night

Podcast Central
It has been two weeks and that means another Podcast Central! So get ready listen to some great podcasts! Even better, it is the first of October so that means it is getting close to Halloween. Don’t worry though, there aren’t any scary podcasts this time! Maybe next time!

It is all about the ladies this time for Podcast Central. This is all thanks to the P.U.L.C Podcast who was curious about the female view of the Pokemon community. In honor of that, we are going to be featuring all our podcasts that have leading ladies in them first. After all, they provide some great things for all kinds of Pokemon fans.

Now, don’t touch that Totodile! It is time to listen to some podcasts!

P.U.C.L. Podcast: Female Perspective of Pokemon– Trainer Thatch is joined by two ladies from the P.U.C.L. Community, Misty and Switzy! They talk about how the Pokemon community treat the fairer gender and their perspective of all things Pokemon. This is an interesting podcast that discusses a wide variety of topics involves battles, fellowship, and throw pillows. So make sure to give it a listen!

Pikapi Podcast: All Hail Lord Helix!- Mako is our next lady with a podcast to feature. This time Mako goes over an episode where Ash and friends are joined by Professor Oak to talk about Gary Oak. I mean, fossils. Mako talks about the absence of Gary Oak who should have been in an episode that features fossils. It isn’t like he doesn’t like them. So join Mako as she talk about Pokemon fossils, what they can tell us about the Pokemon world’s past and Gary Oak.

The Dex! Podcast: Special Edition!– This podcast is all special and it isn’t because PokeKellz is one of the main leads for it. This time PokeKellz and Alex talk about their favorite Pokemon themed limited edition consoles! Pokemon have had a few during it time and it is time to remember them all! Expect to hear PokeKellz and Alex gush about their childhood as they look back on these old Pokemon version consoles.

The Underground Podcast: Punching Things Furiously– Sam and Josh get together to talk about the newest Pokemon TCG set, Furious Fists! They talk about all the butt the cards from this set can kick and more so! Which cards do Sam and Josh think will have a fighting chance in a metagame that is all about speed? Feel free to listen to this episode to find out!

EXP Share Podcast: The Wrath of Prawn Part 2– POLLLLLLIIIIIIIIII!!!!

The EXP Share Band get together to work on their second part of their masterful piece about competitive play. They go over several things about how to make a team worth fighting with. It is all about practice and how to make the most of your team though it. So make sure to listen to this podcast to get some great advice on how to practice and reflect.

The Looker Bureau: Worlds Recap– The Looker Bureau reopens with a new case! They review an old case that took place in Washington, DC. Many great things happen in this location and our detectives will look over all the details as they recap the Pokemon World Championships 2014.

Radio Whirlwind (formally PMU Podcast): Onward! Farewell PMU- The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Podcast has re-branded themselves and has taken a new name! A podcast that will now just focus on Pokemon and Pokemon only! IllusionCasts still hosts the podcast but he is ready to bring it to the next level. So join the cast as they talk about leaving PMU and into the new era of Radio Whirlwind.

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