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Pikachu Survivor Game

Pikachu Survivor Game? What’s that? It’s a game that originally started on PE2K by Neo Pikachu (now Neo Emolga). The point of the game is to stay human and not get turned into a everyone’s favorite yellow Electric rodent, Pikachu, while chaos ensues. Find out how the game works under the cut.

As long as you’re okay with it, Neo Emolga will change your signature and avatar to a Pikachu set he created himself. When you join, you will be rolled a probability number. Once a day, a number will be rolled to see who catches the Pika Flu and gets turned into a Pikachu. If the number rolled matches yours, you’re permanently a Pikachu for the rest of the game. The Slow Action Pika Flu, which you can use against the other players, will slowly turn them into Pikachu. They have 3 days (72 hours after they contracted the Slow Action Pika Flu) to get the Gold Elixir and remove the effect.

If you want to save yourself and stay human, Immunities and Guards are the way to go. However, neither of them are permanent and they can wear off at any given time. To obtain these items, you have to play trivia games and answer questions. Some challenges will be 100% Pokemon related, other questions are on any subject. You have to either PM, VM, or post in the main thread to answer the questions. There are several items, weapons, guards, immunities, and cures throughout the game.

To find out more about the game, sign up, and join the fun, please go to this thread! May the best human win!

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