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Podcast Central: Mega Podcasts

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A lot of mega news was announced at E3 this week and we have the podcasts that talking about them!

Did you like the Smash Bros news? What about all the OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire news? Then a ton of new Megas were announced. You can say that Nintendo really pulled out all the mega stops for this year’s E3.

So get ready to hear about the mega thoughts and opinions of all this great E3 news. Don’t touch that Mega Totodile!

The Dex! Podcast: New Megas?– The Dex Crew get back to podcasting after taking a week to recover from E3. They recap their E3 experience and talk about the Pokemon news from E3. They even mention about possible Mega evolutions hinted from the show floor for Metagross and Milotic. After that, The Dex Crew talk about Pokemon they fell will get a Mega Evolution in ORAS.

The Looker Bureau Podcast: Mega E3volutions!– The Looker Bureau are on the scene once again to discuss about the CoroCoro leaks and news from E3 regarding Pokemon. After their investigation, Detective Scott makes a bold accusation on who will be the next Pokemon to receive a Mega Evolution.

PKMNCast: How To Not Talk About Pokémon- SBJ and the gang gather around to talk about all the news from the Nintendo Digital Event and beyond! It is the best discussion about non-Pokemon related news that a Pokemon podcast can do. Eventually they discuss the Pokemon news from E3. Be prepare to hear some great banter involving talk that doesn’t involve Pokemon and beyond!

Pikapi Podcast: An Unexpected Love Triangle?– It is an Onix Tunnel of Love as Mako covers an episode where two pink stalkers meet. The one in between them both? Meowth. There may not be much tunnel but there is plenty of mess as Mako goes over one of the most chaotic episodes in early Johto.

Podcast Monsters: The Water Flowers Of Cerulean City / The Path to the Pokémon League– Andrew, Gabe, and Kacie are joined by actor Griffin Newman to discuss Ash getting his second gym badge and facing a trainer who trains his Pokemon differently. It is a podcast about lazy gym leaders and possibly abusive trainers.

Pokemon Mystery Universe Podcast: Sp 01 IllusionCasts E3 Coverage– The PMU crew team up with NSider2 to talk all aspects of E3. The real meat of the discussion starts with Nintendo and ends with some discussion about Pokemon.

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