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Podcast Central: #PPAmonth2021 Special!

podcast central
Today is a special Podcast Central!

We all have favorites when it comes to our podcasts. After all, there is an episode that we just love. They make us laugh or cry! It is the episode that evoke some sort of emotional response.

And I surely have my favorite episode from each Pokemon podcast. Though, we asked the ones who make the podcasts for their favorites.

That is why today we are having a special Podcast Central that features your Pokemon podcaster’s favorite episodes! Some of these even include the podcaster’s reason for picking the episode.

Perhaps you will love to hear why these episodes are these podcaster’s favorites. And if you have never listen to any of these podcasts then you now have a place to start listening!

So don’t touch that Totodile! It is time to listen to some podcasts!

Talk Podcasts

PKMNCastIt’s Super Effective- Steve: I always strive to make sure the newest episode is better than the last, and since we are a news based podcast, I would always suggest to start with our newest. If I had to pick, maybe starting with Good Grief Galar series would be fun for some!
After DarkraiAfter Darkrai: [EXPLICIT]– Hannah: The Lauren Babic or FMOFM Wayne episode (Imagine Dragonites).

Bret: What she said but also I’m very proud of “A Fireside Chat” and “Bewear Hannah So Sticky” jump out at me. I’m sorry in advance.

Specialty Podcasts

EXP ShareEXP. Share [EXPLICIT]– Josh: It’s hard not to say you should start from the beginning, but our first Nuzlocke Run through FireRed/LeafGreen (episode 45) is a pretty wild ride. We’ve covered all the main games and some side games through Gen IV now, so really you should start with whatever your favorite of those is—unless it’s Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team. Don’t listen to that miniseries if you liked that game (read: we didn’t).

Tanner: #015 Ilex Forest, Goldenrod City, Whitney, & Plain Badge – Our most infamous episode. We were taking on gym leader Whitney in Pokémon Gold/Silver and found some VERY interesting fan art online during the discussion. This episode changed me.

Champs in the MakingChamps in the Making:- Riley: You can start champs ANYWHERE and every episode is a banger, so start from the most recent episode or episode one!
PokeSciencePokeScience- Chris: I’m partial to our episode “Oh Pokemon Snap”. It’s always great to get a new game, but getting to talk about one that’s been wanted (by me at least) for 20 years was exciting. And as a camera person by trade, getting to blend those two worlds was a lot of fun for me. I was also a fan of a lecture Veteran Lucas did this year called 1 Billion Lions. It was just a lot of fun to listen to him talk about.
PokeMakersPokeMakers: The Olcea Region– PokéMakers is very much a sequential process, so I would recommend starting at the beginning with our first episode, The Olcea Region. It lays the groundwork for what the whole series is about. If you did want a taste of what the show is like once it’s more settled, however, Gym Leader Gwen is full of delightful, novel ideas, and so much joy for Pokémon! So far, though, we’re only up to episode 9, so there’s no too much to go through before you’d catch up!
I Chews YouI Chews You- Ben: If you’ve never listened to ICY, I would NOT recommend starting with episode 1. We started very rusty! I’d definitely recommend starting with a more recent episode like Episode 109: Bidoof or Episode 110: Rotom. If it seems like the kinda thing you’d be into, then you can probably poke around and find an episode about one of your favorite Pokemon, odds are it’s pretty good. THEN, start from the beginning and absorb the full ICY lore.

Pokemon of the Episode

Luke Loves PokemonLuke Loves Pokemon– Luke: Lotad and Seedot make a nice double bill of episodes about fun Pokémon with fascinating origins from Japanese mythology. Is it cheating to say two? I don’t care, I’m bald, I don’t play by the rules.
Welcome to the World of PokemonWelcome to the World of Pokemon- Professor Jacob: The best place is probably episode 1 (Bulbasaur) for consistency. However, I would say the show really starts to get good around Episode 6 (Charizard).

Anime Podcasts

PokePresPoke Press– Steven: “Disputed Pokemon Songs” from 2020 is one of my favorites. We talk about a bunch of songs not originally written for Pokemon (“Flying Without Wings”, “Makin’ My Way”, etc.), and discuss how connected they are to the franchise.

Battling Podcasts

Pokemon Champions PodcastPokemon Champions PodcastDreams Made of Meteor Beams (feat. Don Czech)

TCG Podcasts

Meta PodMeta PodEpisode 50!
PokeDadsPokeDads- PokeDad Rick: I recommend ep 61. It was our latest episode we recorded together and you can tell the different energy the episode has when we are together in person.

PokeDad Aaron: Our first 7 episodes (Episode 1) teach you how to play the trading card game and can be great for beginners or someone who needs a refresher on the rules (though the quality isn’t as good as our newer episodes).

Pittsburgh Pokemon PodcastPittsburgh Pokemon Podcast- Episode 40, it is really good one with all the bells and whistles that make Triple P unique. We had a guest, PumkaAmy talk about the game with us, Chuck the Whimsey Watch has hit his stride in his section, and Jake and I really mesh well in discussing the meta, news, and interviewing.
FLOWTKASTFlowTKast– Scott: The gas station draft episode, I think its like episode 50 or so.

Stephen: Ep. 38 – “Battle Styles is HERE” ft. Danny Altavilla

Pokemon GO Podcasts

Battle scienceBattle Science- The Episode from April 9th (Wanted: Sewaddle-Dead Or Alive)
This was one of our more recent episodes that had a wide variety of pvp news from the April fools switch timer, Prismatic Cup statistics, and an in depth look at how a bug was more rare then a dragon?!

Pokemon Tabletop Podcasts

Pokemon RolloutPokemon Rollout!- Micheal: I have three answers (and don’t worry: I’ll pick the best): Episode 1 establishes so much about the show. It being narrative, it’s hard not to start at the beginning.

But the show really starts being what it became at Episode 11 when the characters started exploring the ruins.

That’s still fairly early, though, so if someone wanted to jump in without feeling overwhelmed by the backlog, I think at this point a good spot is Episode 78 – The Siege of Low Keep! The plot really thickens there, it’s a lot of great battles, and everything after that point changes.

Postcards from PearlPostcards from Pearl– Sarah: Ep. 50 Family Meeting! This one is just so funny to me and if you haven’t listened before it covers a lot of the need to know characters while also setting you up for what is to come.

Jonah: Ep. 63 Cookin’ Cuties: First off all this episode has one of my favorite bits (Cooking with CoCo) that has ever happened.

I had also wanted to incorporate Contests for a while so it was very exciting to dive in. We had a blast with the Contest mini arch. So if Pokémon Contests are your jam I highly recommend.

Not a ScratchNot a Scratch- Anirudh: For new listeners, I would recommend Arc 3 Episode 8: That… Wasn’t a Dream, Was It?

The episode is a good transition episode into the rest of the arc (one doesn’t really HAVE to know what previously occurred), and does a great job of really showing how in-depth this story can go!

Critical DittoCritical Ditto- Payback 1, the Start of Season 2 is also a great place to instantly get a feel for our energy if you don’t want to start from the very beginning.

Thank you for all these Pokemon podcasters who responded back with their favorite episodes. We hope you also love these episodes and would give them another listen! And say why you love them!

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