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Worlds 2019 Theme and GO Invitational!

Worlds 2019
Worlds is around the corner but there will be plenty to do!

The Pokemon World Championships is coming soon on Friday, August 16, to Sunday, August 18! There will be over 7,000 Pokemon fans taking part in the World Championships, DC Open and side events! And today the tournament theme and Pokemon GO Invitational was announced.

Worlds 2019 Theme

The theme for Worlds 2019 was revealed today to be based on exploration and discovery! That is because DC has plenty of museums such as the Smithsonian and the National Air and Science Museum.

You can see the exploration theme in all the special art that is being used. Even Pikachu is getting into the theme with his little ruin manic get-up. Everybody is excited to dig up new finds to show everybody at their favorite museum. You can expect to see this exploration theme being used on official Worlds stream for the backgrounds and playing area.


Pokemon GO Invitational

There will be plenty of battles from the TCG, VGC and Pokken but worry not Pokemon GO trainers! You can join in on the fun with Pokemon GO Trainer battles thanks to the Pokemon GO Invitational!

The Pokémon GO Invitational will take place on Friday, August 16. This invitational will start as soon as the opening ceremony ends and will feature eight Pokemon GO players.

Below are the players that will take part in the Pokemon GO Invitational.

  • Junichi Masuda (Director, Game Freak)
  • Shigeki Morimoto (Game Designer, Game Freak)
  • UnlistedLeaf
  • Strawburry17
  • Yamada
  • Poké AK
  • PogoKieng
  • One lucky fan!

The list of players taking part in the Invitational feature some well known people within Pokemon and some Pokemon YouTubers. Though, only one of these trainers will be a lucky fan! If you wish to registrar for the chance to compete in this tournament then you must be a US residence and already have a speculator pass. You have until Wednesday to registrar by clicking here.

There are also some rules for taking part in this invitational.

  • Players will compete in a double-elimination tournament
  • Each match will be best-of-five
  • Battles will take place in the Great League with some additional restrictions
    • → Competitors must select a team of six Pokémon they’ll choose between for the entire tournament
    • → None of the six Pokémon may be of the same species

Below are other rules for taking part in this invitational which can be viewed by clicking here.

Commentators for the Pokemon GO Invitataionl will be Aaron “Cybertron” Zheng and Trainer Tips.

Other Events

If you are not taking part in World Championships then worry not! There will be plenty to do if you have some time and at the tournament. A few of those things includes trying out a demo for Pokemon Sword & Shield and Pokemon Masters! Both games will be aviable for players to try at Worlds.

Best of luck to those wanting a shot at the World Champion title! Expect to see some intesne battles at The Walter E. Washington Convention Center in a few weeks!

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