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Podcast Central: Shuffling Around

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Is everybody excited for Pokemon Shuffle? It will surely be a break from playing your Pokemon OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire. There are plenty of things to do as we have news of Pokken Tournament and whatever mystery project that Pokemon is working on. The Pokemon game news is buzzing and pretty sure everybody is wondering what is going on.

Until more news is release, you should listen to some podcast to tide yourself over until a new Pokemon game news is release! They will surely provide you with some speculation on what to expect.

PKMNCast: Hot Water Canada to Cold Water Japan- SBJ and the crew do what they do best! Spend way too much time talking about things that isn’t Pokemon. Do you love Candy Crush or Tetris knockoffs? What about Yokai Watch? Then you will love the first twenty minutes of this podcast! Eventually they do talk about Pokemon such as Pokemon Shuffle and Hoopla. So it is fun for everybody!

The Dex! Podcast: Hidden Abilities!– The Dex! Crew minus Jimmy talks about the latest and greatest news including Pokemon Shuffle. Then they proceed to talk about their favorite Hidden Abilities that help make some of our favorite Pokemon skyrocket in usage. It is an amazing discussion that helps you realize which Pokemon really did benefit from having a new ability. So see which abilities made it on their list.

P.U.C.L. Podcast: Top 10 NPCs– Thatch is back and ready to talk! The podcast is back under his control so maybe his cohosts will behave themselves. Or maybe not. Either way, Thatch and the crew bring you up-to-date with all the latest Pokemon news. They will then go into a list to talk about their favorite NPCs from Pokemon games. Which ones of your favorites will make the list?

Pikapi Podcast: The Teddybear’s Picnic!– Mako covers an episode where there is a mischievous Teddiursa who is Charm-ing his way to get what he wants. It is amazingly cute but can it’s cuteness outmatch the cuteness of Ash and his Pokemon? We will have to see! What does Mako think of this and will she fall for Teddiursa’s cute charms.

Radio Whirlwind: Free To Pun. Way To Easy.– Illus and his crew talk about the latest news from Nintendo Direct. One of the parts that they talk about is Pokemon Shuffle! What does Illus and the others think about the idea of Pokemon entering the “Free-to-Play” market? Listen to find out!

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