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Cramorant Rewards! Now Live!

Cramorant Rewards
So when do we get our rewards for defeating Cramorant?

The answer is now! The battles have completed and Cramorant has flown away from Max Raid Dens! The number of battles have been counted and now we know!

It turns out that we have defeated Cramorant 1.36 million times! That is amazing! It also means we have unlock the top rewards!

Starting today, you can go to Mystery Gift and select “Via Internet” to download your rewards from the Jungle Raid event that involved Cramorant. Below are what you will receive.

  • 1 Flame Orb, Toxic Orb, Light Ball, Gold Bottle Cap
  • 3 Bottle Caps, Pearl Strings

You will have until February 28th to claim your rewards.

Source:  PLDHnet on Twitter

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