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Podcast Central: Twitch Plays Podcast

Podcast Central
There is plenty of Twitch Plays Pokemon chatter in this week’s edition of Podcast Central. Seeing tens of thousands of people playing one game can be entertaining. It is even better to talk about it too as you gather around and listen to some great podcasts!

We got a lot of great podcast this week plus a new addition! A new podcast has enter the fray and they have a lot to offer in the form of information and entertainment!

So lets get down to business! Don’t touch that Totodile!

The Dex! Podcast: Enter Shofu!– PokeKellz, Radio Personality Alex and Jimmy make their podcast debut with very their own podcast! These episodes are rather short but full of great information and fun. You finally get to learn more about these YouTube personalities with each episode as they talk about themselves though their Top Five list.

This episode features special guest Shofu who should be well known by many battling WiFi battling circles. The Dex! crew along with Shofu talk about their favorite items and even have a real community segment.

PKMNCast: Pokémon Yellow: Special Dig Rat Edition– SBJ and the crew get together to have an intense talk about the latest craze that has taken over Pokemon Fandom, Twitch Plays Pokemon! They go over the long history of Twitch Plays Pokemon and discuss some of the most remembered moments of the mob that is controlling just a single person.

The Underground: Here There Be Dragons– Sam and friends get together to talk about the legendary and mystical type of Pokemon that has been a favorite for many Pokemon trainers. It is a dragon packed episode that won’t let no fairies ruin the fun. If you want to know about Dragons and how they shape the Pokemon metagame and fandom then this is the episode to listen to.

Pikapi Podcast: The Charizard Episode That’s Actually About Ash (But Gary Took Over) – Prepare for a deep episode and don’t let the rant at the beginning make you think otherwise! Mako goes deep into the bond between a boy and his Charizard. This is going to be an intense episode filled with emotions, rage and just being off topic concerning an episode that many Pokemon anime fans hold close to their hearts.

Pokémon Battle Evolution – Episode 18 – eSeamus and Jim from the Looker Bureau get together to talk about some Pokemon news. Aftewards it is time for a bit of an investigation as they come up with quite a weird moveset for a rather unique Pokemon. Hopefully you can figure out how strange this moveset is and if it could work.

The Looker Bureau Podcast: All Hail the Helix Fossil– The Looker Bureau takes up an unusual case involving a massive cult and it’s strange deity. It involves something called Twitch Plays Pokemon. Their investigation takes them deep into the following which leads them to their main suspect, the mysterious Omastar. What kind of things will they discover in their latest case that could put their lives in danger?

If you have a podcast either video or audio that you wish to have featured here then leave it in the comments! Make sure to review, rate and subscribe to all of these podcasts in iTunes!

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