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Podcast Roundtable #5 #PPAMonth2021

PPA Month Roundtable
Let us go around the table one more time!

We are now at our final Roundtable feature for Pokemon Podcast Appreciation Month! Podcasters far and wide in the Pokemon community have came together to answer some questions regarding podcasting. You will see how they responded to COVID. There are questions about the tough times of podcasting. Even some about what they love about the media. All kinds of questions were asked.

So let us take a look at who is at the Roundtable today.

Micheal from Pokemon Rollout (Tabletop)
Luke Summerhayes from Luke Loves Pokemon 
(Pokemon of the Episode)
Sean from Meta Pod 
(Pokemon TCG)
Stephen and Scott from FlowTKast (Pokemon TCG)

Welcome to our final Podcast Roundtable for Pokemon Podcast Appreciation Month!

What inspired you to podcast?

Pokemon RolloutMicheal (Pokemon Rollout): I was listening to a lot of podcasts on my 1-hour commute, and many of those actual-play podcasts.

They just sounded fun, and I wanted to get back into TTRPGs. And meanwhile a writer friend of mine had gotten a nice microphone and we wanted to write some radio plays. So Tapestry Radio Network was born.

Luke Loves PokemonLuke (Luke Loves Pokemon): “I’ve been a big listener of podcasts for a long time now; first the Official Nintendo Magazine Podcast in the UK and then other podcasts from there. About 5 years ago I roped some pals into doing a Monster Hunter Podcast with me.

Then, a little after that, I was listening to the Duckfeed podcast “Monster in my Podcast” in which Gary and Kole work through all the monsters in the D&D Monstrous Manual. They mentioned the idea of doing a similar thing with Pokémon and jokingly said “someone must be doing that”. I thought I’d like to listen to that, but nobody seemed to be doing it.

Finally, we get to February 2018 when I moved to Japan. I was seeing Pokémon everywhere I looked, both literally in terms of Pokémon merchandise and licensed stuff, and figuratively in terms of inspirations and things.

I decided if nobody else was gonna make this podcast, I was.”

Meta PodSean (Meta Pod): We really wanted a way to have longer, more casual conversations about a wide variety of TCG related topics, which you can’t really do in a YouTube video.
Flow T KastStephen (FlowTKast): Talking with friends every week is therapy, and listening to their stories truly inspires me to do it every week.

Scott (FlowTKast): We missed the feeling of sitting at the Hotel at big events, we try to match that energy.

What is your thought process when it comes to picking music for your podcast?

Pokemon RolloutMicheal (Pokemon Rollout): We’ve been trying to get music that matches the feel of Pokemon, and expanding more into the mystical adventures we’re having. Especially lately we’re trying to include our composer, Peter Lonnquist, as much as possible.
Luke Loves PokemonLuke (Luke Loves Pokemon): I talked to my pal Jonathan Cromie, who makes good tunes, and he made the intro and outro. For the rest, I usually aim for a chilled, homely feel. Sometimes I want something specific and spicy.
Meta PodSean (Meta Pod): Our intro/outro music has stayed the same from inception, and it just felt right.
Flow T KastStephen (FlowTKast): I wrote the intro track to the podcast, and the ending of the podcast track fit the metal gaming theme we bring to the channel

Scott (FlowTKast): Maxlow (Stephen) make music, we play music.

When you record your podcast, who do you wish to reach with it?

Pokemon RolloutMicheal (Pokemon Rollout): It’s for me, first.

I just love it: the people, the story, the fun. And I want to share it with anyone who loves these sorts of stories and might be inspired to have their own adventures.

Luke Loves PokemonLuke (Luke Loves Pokemon): Basically I’m making this podcast for me. If other people are listening, that’s a bonus! I’m interested in the origins in nature, folklore and mythology behind various Pokémon so I hope other people are also intrigued.
Meta PodSean (Meta Pod): Pokemon TCG folks, both Players and Collectors.

Also maybe some TPCi staff so they can hear our rants. lol

Flow T KastStephen (FlowTKast): I wish the show reached all Pokémon fans, but more importantly to those who suffer mental health disorders. I want those individuals to know they aren’t alone in their everyday struggles.

Scott (FlowTKast): Anyone and everyone that loves Pokemon, truth be told however we are for a more mature audience.

How has podcasting in the last year changed due to COVID?

Pokemon RolloutMicheal (Pokemon Rollout): It hasn’t affected us too much, since our recording has always been remote. Our own personal schedules have changed a bit, but we’ve managed to stay consistent.
Luke Loves PokemonLuke (Luke Loves Pokemon): I record alone in my apartment so it hasn’t made much difference. Also, I live in the rural mountains of Japan so my day-to-day is about the same.
Meta PodSean (Meta Pod): We started the pod during COVID, so for us the question is becoming how will the podcast change after COVID.
Flow T KastStephen (FlowTKast): As COVID has been traumatic for a lot of people, it actually gave FlowTKast a chance to breathe and build consistency. The extra free time allowed Scott and I to really build upon what our dream was before the pandemic

Scott (FlowTKast): Everyone wants to make one now, it’s overwhelming to keep up with the competition.

What is the hardest part when it comes to podcasting?

Pokemon RolloutMicheal (Pokemon Rollout): There’s a lot to coordinate: various schedules and times to edit are all involved.

And then there’s always this latent fear that when we hit the “Publish” button, we’ve laid a real stinker and people will hate it. (THANKFULLY every reaction has been overwhelmingly positive!)

Luke Loves PokemonLuke (Luke Loves Pokemon): Sitting down and organizing my brain for long enough to write the episode.
Meta PodSean (Meta Pod): Honestly, thinking of topics week in/week out.

Some weeks are easy when TPCi gives us big news or a new set drops. But sometimes we have to think creatively about topics that would be both interesting to us and the listeners.

Flow T KastStephen (FlowTKast): Keeping my children quiet so we can record.

Scott (FlowTKast): Scheduling, making sure everyone involved makes time to talk. You would be surprised at how little time you have till you dedicate hours a week to talking into a microphone.

What has been the best Podcast moment you have had?

Pokemon RolloutMicheal (Pokemon Rollout): That’s so hard to pick.

We’ve gotten to a point as a cast in which we play off of each other really well, and a lot of that means we just crack each other up, and we support each other in wild and fun ways.

Any time we just melt into laughter, it’s less of a podcast and more of friends just enjoying one another’s company – and the best part is that our audience usually feels like they are part of the group!

Luke Loves PokemonLuke (Luke Loves Pokemon): Getting SBJ on for my Cramorant episode – too bad it was at the tail end of me making the pod on my crap travel laptop. Steve sounded great but my audio was pretty choppy.
Meta PodSean (Meta Pod): Seeing that people are actually listening every week, reading the reviews! We imagine that once IRL events open up again, meeting listeners in person would take that top spot.
Flow T KastStephen (FlowTKast): Using the Platform to do the “Life is Just a Game” Invitational not once, but twice.

Scott (FlowTKast): There has been a lot, but the gas station draft was my favorite recent.

Huge thanks to these amazing Podcasters! Thank you Micheal, Luke, Sean and Stephen & Scott for taking the time to answer these questions. Especially for the final Podcast Roundtable for PPA Month!

We hope you lovers of these fine podcasts also enjoy learning a bit about what makes podcasting so amazing and challenging.

Make sure to give them all a review on Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcatcher! Don’t touch that Totodile! See you all next time!

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