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Trainers Unite! With ICY Chefs to Stop AAPI Hate

Trainers UNITE
Ready to stop AAPI Hate while hanging out with the Boixs?

Then get ready to chill out with the bois from I Chews You as they team up with Pokethon for Trainers Unite!

What is Trainers Unite?

Trainers Unite is a week long event running from August 1st to 7th. Several Pokemon content creators have gotten together to raise money for Stop APPI Hate.

Taking part in Trainers United will be the I Chews You podcast. The ICY Chefs will get together to record the show within the show, Croix Boixs! So get ready to crack open and drink some La Croix!

Our ICY Chefs will become some Croix Boixs by not only drinking La Croix on stream but ranking them too! No flavor of La Croix will be left on the table once these Boixs start ranking them. The Croix Boixs stream will start on August 1st at 5pm PT. You can watch the stream on the I Chews You YouTube Channel. If you wish to donate now then CLICK HERE.

You can click here to learn more about Trainers Unite. The trailer for the event can be watched below.

This cause is even more important as racism towards Asian communities have been on the rise since COVID has started. So we hope that you can take part in Trainers Unite next week by watching the content and donating some money. Make sure to spread the word for more trainers can take part and help as well.

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