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Pokemon Adventures XY Gets Manga Release!

Pokemon Adventures XY
Finally! Pokemon Adventures XY gets a proper release!

VIZ Media on Twitter has announced that Pokemon Adventures XY will be release in normal manga format during Spring 2022. You can now take the story based on the Pokemon X & Y games with you in book format!

Below is the announcement.

Pokemon Adventures XY was release in Japan in 2013. It was later release in the US via VIZ Media in December 2014. Though, when it was release in America, it was released as’mini volumes’ that only had 3 or 4 chapters in them. This is different from normal manga releases where there are 7 to 8 chapters per volume. These “mini volumes” not only had less chapters but were also smaller compared to normal manga sizes. Though, they were cheaper at $4.99.

This format was continued for the rest of Pokemon Adventures XY. This print style was kept for Pokemon Adventures OmegaRuby AlphaSapphire, Pokemon Adventures Sun & Moon, and Pokemon Adventures Sword & Shield.

Japan did release Pokemon Adventures XY in the mini-volumes format at first . Though, proper manga releases of the series were eventually sold.

With the release of Pokemon Adventures XY in the Spring 2022 for America, this will be the first time the series will be sold as normal collected editions.

You can pre-order the first volume of Pokemon Adventures XY on Amazon by clicking here.

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