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Pokemon Art Review

Pokemon XY by Tapichu

Pokemon XY by Tapichu

Welcome to another review of Pokemon art!  Our featured piece this week is an art poster by Tapichu.  The great use of color and style on this one really makes me excited for the release!  Furthermore, it reminds me of flat design work that’s been fairly common if you have a newer iPhone.  Congradulations on a job well done Tapichu!  They should use your poster as a movie poster (and compensate you)!

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Pokemon meets Jurassic Park by Windwolf667

Pokemon meets Jurassic Park by Windwolf667

The next piece is a great Jurassic Park x Pokemon piece, something that I’ve discussed before in the past.  Though the art is not as sharp as many other pieces, it includes the elements that really make it stand out.  In particular, the fuzziness of the surrounding elements combined with a sharp focus on a large Pokemon is very Jurrasic Park.

We'll All Live in a Pokemon World by theamazingwrabbit

We’ll All Live in a Pokemon World by theamazingwrabbit

Maybe it’s a theme!  I love the playful attitude of this piece with the cartoonish nature of the piece.  All the elements are there and all the common animals you see when you stroll in a park really stand out here.  I think the Snorlax is probably a little small compared to the tree, but otherwise, the entire piece just makes me happy.  Growlithe is on a leash and the Pikachu loves his/her yarn.  Maybe that should be Meowth instead!


 The courageous knight by FancyPancakes

Well played FancyPancakes.  Well played.  But, my Doublade knight on a Rapidash may be less cute, but is +10 in attack.

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