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Pokémon Café Mix: New customers and rewards!

Check out what all new is coming!

Pokémon Café Mix has reached a new milestone! The game, available for the Switch and Mobile devices, has reached over 5 million downloads worldwide! In addition, information has been released on new customers set to come to your café soon so let’s get right into it!

5 Million Downloads Special

To celebrate the 5 million downloads milestone, all players will receive bonus items by logging into the game between 11:00 P.M. PST on August 16, 2020, and 10:59 P.M. PST on August 29, 2020. During this time, Trainers can get 5,000 golden acorns and three of the horizontal and vertical whistles. These are valuable tools that may help save you in a pinch with some of these puzzles so be sure to get them while you can.

New Customers

Two new Pokémon have been confirmed to be coming to Pokémon Café Mix as new regular customers. Starting this Wednesday, Wobbuffet will start appearing alongside new orders. Not much is known about what sort of role Wobbuffet will play or how many new orders will be added so stay tuned for another report at a later date.

In addition, it has been stated that Audino will also be appearing in the future. It is believed that this little handy helper Pokémon may become available in the next update after Wobbuffet, but it could be a situation similar to that of Exeggutor and Bellossom where both became available in the same update. We’ll keep you posted as more information becomes available.

Special Customers

Currently, Grookey is appearing as a Special Customers for players to recruit to their cafés. The grass type starter from Galar handles sweet dishes and their skill clears Pokémon icons and gimmicks to the right. This event will last until August 25 so be sure to recruit and power Grookey up while you can.

Information released earlier this week seems to indicate that the next Special Customer will be Celebi, marking it as the first mythical Pokémon to be available in the game. Once again, not much is known about Celebi or when its event will take place, though it is likely that this event is meant in part to promote the movie coming out in Decemeber. We will keep you posted as more information comes to light.

So with so much to do and new characters to recruit, order up, trainers!

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